An umbrella for a car, is it a useful trinket or not?


As a popular media outlet, the Car Guide frequently receives promotional products. Some are rather conventional, like a cap or a pencil, while others are at least unique. Recently, we tried an unknown product manufactured and sold by Lanmodo, a Chinese company. It is a car umbrella designed to protect your body during storms, but also to temper your cockpit during extreme temperatures. We tried it and stayed on our appetite.

Here we are in the office, gathered around this curious box. After all, we are talking about an umbrella for cars and Lanmodo car tent… Immediately the umbrella unpacked, we reload the small battery of 12 volts which feeds the license and we seize the first car we had on hand.

It’s time for testing

In order to test our new toy, we want to reproduce what is shown in the manufacturer’s advertising. This is to install the umbrella and to launch objects of weight more or less important. So we wield paper towels, coffee and a shoe and we load our ammunition. The cameras are in place, go! We launch the projectiles, laugh a good shot and repack the whole thing.

A unique umbrella

This over-the-counter product is 3.5 meters long by 2.1 meters wide when deployed. It is supported by a metal, plastic and fiberglass structure designed to withstand wind speeds of just over 45 km / h when deployed. Finally, automatic car umbrella is designed to operate between -20 and 60 degrees Celsius, which is not very well suited for Quebec winters … Everything is available in a 13 kg package.

Lanmodo manufacturers market their product by targeting two types of customers. The first is a customer who wants to protect their car in high winds or extreme temperatures, because the tent helps regulate the interior temperature of the vehicle. But, between you and me, if the weather is not warm, the winds will certainly be more than 45 km / h. Is not it?