Tips for choosing your limousine Company

For your next trip or event, your next evening or outing you would like to hire a limousine rental agency with driver?

Congratulations! By entrusting your travel to a specialized company, you can enjoy a high-end service.

Many limousine and chauffeur driven companies are based in Hertfordshire like Limo Hire Hertfordshire. These companies offer prices that can be very different.
Once all the quotes in hand and not knowing which agency to choose, you instinctively risk retaining the agency that will have sent you the lowest price.

When you stay in a hotel or dine at the restaurant, you never base your choice on the lowest price , but on the quality of the service that will be offered to you.
So why choose your limousine service on the sole criterion of price?

Many people make the mistake of choosing the limousine company that offers the lowest price, thinking that “all limo agencies are worth it” … This is the best way to turn the dream into a nightmare.

In order to help you in the choice of the renter who will offer you the best quality of service and you avoid unpleasant surprises, here are some questions you can ask the different companies you will contact:

  1. What is the name of the company? Where is his headquarters?
    What is the name of the contact? His telephone number?
  2. Licensing:In Hertfordshire, limousine rental agency with drivers must compulsorily hold an official license which allows them to exercise the “transport of passengers for consideration”.
    There are three types of licenses:
    – The license of Taxis (depend on the Prefecture)
    – The License of Road Transport of Travelers (coaches, depend on the Ministry of Transport),
    – The license of Operator of “Vehicles of Tourism with Driver”(VTC license, formerly known as “Grande Remise”) which depends on the Prefecture.
  3. Insurance:
    The company must have taken out two insurance policies:
    Professional insurance for the transport of passengers for free
    This insurance covers unlimited passengers transported for a fee in company vehicles in the event of an accident.
    the company have made such insurance? If so, what is its insurance company?
    Insurance professional liability.
    the professional liability insurance covers damage property (damage, loss or destruction of ‘a good),immaterial (consequential or non-consequential damage to physical or material injury: financial loss suffered by a victim or other third party) or physical injury (physical or moral injury suffered by a natural person) caused to third parties (customers, suppliers, partners) of the made mistakes, mistakes or negligence caused by the manager of the company or his staff, premises or professional equipment in the performance of his duties.
  4. How long has the company been in business?
    A company that has been in business for many years has a better experience statistically than a very young company.
  5. Is the agency part of one or more professional association (s)?
  6. What types of vehicles does the company offer?
    How many vehicles are available in the fleet?

These will allow you to better “know” your provider and therefore to know what service you will book.