Tint film for car

Tint film for car

 The adhesive films for self are available in two formats:

  • By the meter: ideal for small areasto cover, economical.
  • Roll: dedicated to the needs of important films. The roll is declined in several widths to choose according to your configuration. Each has 30 m length of film.

Always allow 2 or 3 cm extra for your needs in height and width.

The primary mission of automotive glass adhesive film is the active protection against glare when driving. The driver is not the only one to benefit, every passenger finds his account! Especially as a true bulwark against the heat, the film glazing helps to preserve the freshness in the cabin. Less expensive than a real glass tinted in the mass, its performance is similar.

The rendering is impressive. Your vehicle sees its aestheticism enhanced. Your car is more elegant.

For these purposes, 4 shades of thermo formable films are available:

  • Tinted glass light gray(AUT C50): visible light transmission 53%; glare reduction: 40%
  • Tinted glass medium gray(AUT C35): visible light transmission 37%; glare reduction: 75%
  • Tinted dark gray glass(AUT C20): visible light transmission 22%; glare reduction: 58%
  • Tintedglass Black (AUT S05): visible light transmission 5%; glare reduction: 94%


 The adhesive films adjust and settle easily in 6 steps:

  • Cleaning the glass surface
  • Pre-cut of the film (margin of 2 or 3cm around to leave)
  • Removing the protective film
  • Application of the film (adhesive side towards the glazing)
  • Humidification of the film to promote the marouflage (elimination of any air bubbles)
  • Adjustment of the excess contours of the film by cutting cutter



The glazed film is particularly resistant; you are quiet for many years.
The maintenance, for heavy dirt, is done with soapy water and with a smooth sponge, for a gentle cleaning. It is important to wait 30 days after installation for this type of cleaning.

Be sure to ban any detergents that may scratch it.

The regularity of the cleaning will allow you to preserve its brightness over time while maintaining it in good condition.