Make your own car more beautiful – without screwing it up

maintenance work

The car is the German’s dearest child. Germans are often said to care for their cars more than their wives. It’s just a joke, but a car should look well maintained, no matter how old it is. Small changes can quickly make it unique. For that you don’t need to bring it to a garage, it only costs a lot of money and you don’t always agree with the result.

Cars are like human beings, after some years the paint begins to wear off. Let’s start with the subject of paint. You can repaint your ” sweetheart ” yourself in certain places. Even the smallest changes create a great optical effect. You can try it out with the first small scratches. Try a spray film for cars in places that have scratches. This way your car will stick out of the crowd. You will notice another advantage when it rains heavily. The raindrops will roll off the spray foil and cannot harm the paint through the scratches. Also, with this method the salt in the winter has no chance to attack the polish.

Which rim cover should I use?

Changing the rims covers can make your car unique. Now you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the rims. The actual rim can be embellished in its centre with wheel hub caps, rim covers, hub caps or wheel hub caps. You have the advantage that you can use these for every type of car. They are available in a wide range of colours, materials and sizes. Your car can thus be upgraded in terms of colour. Bright colours in red, gold or blue set accents that no one can ignore. If the whole rims are to be coloured, the use of spray foil for rims (In Germany it’s referred to as Sprühfolie Felgen) is also suitable here.

Changes inside the car

Embellish and protect your seats with protective covers. This is especially worthwhile if you have small children who like to eat in the car.