Tips for the maintenance of a truck

maintenance of a truck

Surely in your company you have one or more vehicles that are the main engine of your business and use them every day. Therefore, it is necessary that you know what maintenance a truck needs to be always ready and not have to face stress and the problems that a possible breakdown would cause during a working day.
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We will explain what you must take into account for proper maintenance.


Check the fuel level

One of the most important aspects is to check the fuel level before starting the transport route, because if we do not take it into account, the vehicle may enter reserve and we will not find a nearby service station. This could cause that you could not continue the march, causing grievances in your work planning and even breakdowns in the engine.


Check tire pressure and condition

A truck carries a large amount of weight daily, and that means that we must be more careful and pay more attention to the tires , checking them periodically and checking that both the pressure and the condition of the rubber is optimal. If you notice that they are worn out, or that the valves have deteriorated, it is best if you go to your trusty workshop, where professionals like our company will recommend new tires and the best quality so you can go back to driving with security.


Check the truck’s lighting system

When it comes to safe driving, the lighting system of the truck greatly influences, so you must check before starting the vehicle, that the position, brake, emergency, signaling lights, etc. they work perfectly


Make periodic visits to a specialized truck workshop

Sometimes, with the pace of work so high that we carry, we can forget to make the necessary revisions to the trucks to verify that the engine is kept in perfect condition, so, we recommend that you consult a specialized truck workshop how many revisions annuals you must make your vehicles, and write it down in a calendar or planner to take them into account.

It is important that the workshop you trust the mechanics of your trucks is serious and professional, and that its mechanics are specialized in the maintenance of all types of trucks, because only then can detect any anomaly and repair it quickly with all the guarantees of success.

We hope that these tips from the hand of our specialists in truck mechanics have been useful, and take the opportunity to remind you that we will be happy to assist you in our workshop in Murcia to perform the maintenance of your vehicles.