How an automated truck wash system works

Truck washing has become an essential part of every service station, so customers can be offered a full service. Truck washes are essentially those places intended for the cleaning of all types of vehicles, these are generally handled by the same users and can be of two modalities, manual or automatic washing.

Automatic washing, as the name implies, consists of a machine that performs the washing of the truck with the use of rags, brushes or through a system of water jets of great power, while manual washing consists of washing the truck by the same user with the use of a hose arranged in the establishment especially for this.

The operation of an automatic washing depends on a series of machinery, then an explanation of the whole process of how a truck wash works.


Production of hot water.

It is one of the key parts of washing system. They have the ability to supply large amount of domestic hot water. This device has one side for the outlet of cold water and one for the hot water, also has thermostats, thermometers and a series of switches.

Powder soap hopper.

According to the type of truck wash and according to the facilities of this, they may or may not have a hopper to dispense the soap that will be used in the washing process such as Denver commercial truck wash soap. Structurally this piece is made of stainless steel and has a regulator for the amount of soap that the client wants to use, all this is on a tank that contains hot water and to prevent the soap from clumping with a vibrator.

Pressure groups.

These consist of a three-phase motor, also have a valve to regulate the pressure, a water inlet manifold and a pressure gauge. It is made up of a stainless steel bench in which the collectors containing the different types of water that are supplied in the washing are also placed.


General electrical panel.

This is constituted by an electronic programmable automaton, which will serve to control each of the tracks that constitute the laundry room, in which the maneuvers that will be carried out on the washing tracks can be selected. The general electrical panel also has switches to deactivate and activate the elements, as well as protection elements that help protect the entire electrical structure and connection elements, which connect all the wiring.

Other elements.

To carry out the operation of a truck wash, elements such as the following are also required:

  • Lighting and power outlets, consisting of fluorescent screens and power sockets located in the electrical panel.
  • Electric conduction, the wiring that makes up the truck wash is carried out with a series of electric hoses.
  • Purses, this is a closet made of stainless steel that has a security lock, this can be a multi-coin electronic selector or a mechanical selector that works with chips or coins as scheduled.
  • Tracks of washes, this is one of the primordial pieces that have the truck washers and are constituted by a series of mechanical arms, pressure lances, nozzles, and supports spears.