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In Canadian Winters, you are busted if your car heater doesn’t work! All you need to know about car heating devices. – Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Heating and Cooling Parts.

Is Cold air coming out of car heater? Or no air? Perhaps it’s time to replace car heater. When your vehicle is struggling up to keep you warm inside, here is what you can do at least to reach a safe point where you can ask for help.

Malfunctioning car heater not only makes our car drive pathetic but it is also dangerous to ride with zero visible windshields in such cold weather. But why is the heater not working? Check out the causes!

Low water or antifreeze

Low water level will keep your engine from blowing out enough heat. In winters, when you crank up the heat the antifreeze is brought over from the engine to the heater which in turn blows hot air from the vents.

Low antifreeze or water may be caused due to leaks which you need to inspect. Did you just refilled it and yet you discovered that the level is not enough as you expected it to be? If this is the case, then you might need to contact your mechanic because there might be some leak in the system that has been overlooked.

When your car is running low on antifreeze it wont generate warm air.

So, make sure to check leaks while flushing or refilling the fluids especially antifreeze.

Malfunctioning thermostat

When thermostat’s vents are stuck open, they often create problem. In a cold day, did you realize that after driving for sometime still the temperature gauge hasn’t changed its readings? Or at worst you are driving car without any warm air coming out of heater?

Car thermostat’s job is to keep the engine at correct temperature by opening and closing. If stuck engine would start having problem in warming up thus its functionality is affected drastically.

So, in such case visit your mechanic and replace car thermostats immediately to experience warm ride again.

Malfunctioning blower fan

Heating system of car consists of several components. One of those pivotal components is car blower fan whose job is to transmit the warm air from the heating core to the vehicle through cabin filter.

What if it goes bad? You won’t be able to get enough warm air or not at all! So save yourself from such pathetic situation and get the urgent repairs done at once.

Bad heater core


Do you know how you get warm air in the cabin? Well in the heating system once the engine reaches its operating temperature, it heats up the coolant and passes it through hoses and valves and into the heating core.

Even though we are getting heat in winters from the vents but it is actually cooling the engine of your car. If the heater core goes bad it means that coolant may not be travelling through the heater core properly. The air from the blower motor is not reaching the cabin which might be due to clogged heater core.

Car’s heater core malfunctioning could result in engine overheating issues, fog inside car, or engine load increasing. Thus when such thing happens, better take help of a professional and do recommended replacements.

Weird noises

Noises are one of the first indicators that perhaps something is wrong with car. Same goes here with the car heater. Air should blow smoothly from the vents or in other words it should be quite. But if you hear clicking noise, there is definitely some issue with heating parts.

If he clicking is heard when the defroster is used, there might be low pressure in the compressor which you need to get treated.

Clogged heating parts

It might be clogged heater valve that is not allowing the air to get out. Heater control valve act like a switch to the heating as they switch it on or off and let the heat go on accordingly.

Even control buttons could get clogged by time. So, get the heating system of your car checked in case you are experiencing cold air in winters and if needed, replace car control buttons or valves.

Low water level

One of the essential components for the heater of your car to work is water. If there is any leak in hose or radiator, you could experience cold air coming out of vents.

Get those leaks fixed at once because as always, leaks are the worst enemies of your car.

Using Electric defroster

If your heater is not working, what will you do? You can also use electric defroster as a substitute. This gadget is not meant to heat the cabin but they make wonders to defog your windows or windshield.

If you are thinking that you can survive your night with just electric defroster, then you are actually risking your night. It won’t be of any use to you.

It’s better to replace worn heating and cooling parts which are quite affordable and available at online aftermarket auto body parts store like PartsAvatar. So, place your order today.