Twin Falls semi truck repair

Twin Falls semi truck repair

Are you passionate about mechanics and looking for a workplace where you can work in a team? You are the person we need!

At Twin Falls semi truck repair, all departments collaborate to provide exceptional truck repair and maintenance services. We are a proactive dealer that stands out for the quality of its customer service.

By joining us as a heavy vehicle mechanic technician, you will join a great team. You will have access to ongoing on-site training and ongoing support from your colleagues through our sponsorship program. Our open concept garage facilitates cooperation, very important for sharing information between day and evening teams.

Always on the lookout for the latest technology, we have wells and work areas maintained and updated regularly to ensure safety. You will have the chance to evolve in a safe and friendly environment, where all collaborate in order to offer the best customer service.

Your role

You will be responsible for the proper operation of our customers’ equipment and will play a key role in quality control. You will also have to show a good team spirit to ensure the connection between the day and evening shifts.

Your daily responsibilities:

  • Inspect the compliance and non-compliance of transportation vehicles according to the standards and criteria
  • Open and close the department
  • Do the evening billing
  • Manages calls and making appointments
  • Performs customer reminders after inspection
  • Researches previous inspections
  • Proceed to the collection

Skills sought

We are looking for someone who has been trained in diesel mechanics as well as a few years of experience. If you also have the following qualities, you definitely have your place here:


  • Resourcefulness;
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Autonomy


All mechanical connoisseurs agree that diesel mechanics is one of the most difficult to maintain and repair in case of failure, due to the complexity of diesel engines. The situation is getting more complicated for trucks, and the need and even the need for a competent and experienced mechanic to ensure that the diesel mechanics of your truck are properly maintained.

Maintaining your diesel mechanics on a regular basis and by mechanics specialized in this type of mechanics, will therefore avoid exposing your truck to frequent breakdowns, since the proper functioning of its engine will be regularly checked by your mechanic. aThe latter will ensure that your diesel mechanics is always safe from possible breakdowns by changing, for example, end-of-life parts before these causes you trouble.

Thus, you will always have in your hands a diesel mechanics in perfect working order on which you can count in any place and at any time to lead you as far as you want.

In other words, you just have to entrust the maintenance of your diesel type mechanics to an experienced mechanic specialized in diesel to ensure that your truck is always perfectly maintained, which is still the first condition of its good operation.

So, rather than waiting for your diesel truck to break down, it would be a lot smarter for you to regularly review and check with a specialized mechanic to prevent all kinds of failures that could occur at one time or another. So, as much make your arrangements in advance in this case.