A Guide to a Transport Planning Career

Transport Planning

Would you like to get on a better path in your career? Consider becoming a Transport Planner!

Transport Planners plan and improve both existing and new transportation systems. They do this by implementing analysis, research and planning using effective techniques to manage a number of structures and their growth. They also evaluate any need for new policies or schemes. They assess the changes that are being made to see how they affect the environment and the public.

A Transport Planner’s job is to come up with efficient changes and changes that will be future-proof so that they last for decades. This is the case whether they work on pedestrian walkways, roads, railways or airports.

Transport Planner duties can include:

  • Create forecasts using computer models
  • Analyse and examine travel data to note any changes
  • Create reports based on researched recommendations
  • Give presentations about proposed development plans
  • Evaluate all costs, pros, and cons of various strategies
  • Assess infrastructure needs
  • Submit funding bids and applications


Become Qualified

To become qualified, you must obtain an engineering, geography, or economics degree and a master’s qualification in transport planning. You also have the opportunity to take a number of certified courses to start off as an assistant planner. From there, you can work your way upwards to become a full-fledged Transport Planner in a few years.

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