How to get your Car Radio Code

Radio code lost? So you can reactivate your car radio!

Since the 1980s car radios with a code number are protected against theft. This usually four-digit PIN code is needed to reactivate the radio after it has been disconnected from the power. The input is made via the control buttons on the radio. But this is not only necessary after disassembly, but also when, for example, the car battery is empty or had to be changed.

Where can I find the radio code for my device?

The required code can usually be found on a code card that comes with the instructions for use of your vehicle or the car radio. In modern vehicles, the code may also be stored in the on-board electronics and automatically reactivate the radio. This is the case, for example, with newer models from the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda brands.

However, if a Renault radio code is required, but is not found in the documents, it will be a bit more complicated.

If it is a factory radio, so was purchased together with the vehicle at a dealer, the code can be requested on presentation of the proof of ownership based on the radio number at the manufacturer. However, this method is handled differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Opel, the process takes up to 2 weeks. At Mercedes, the complete device must be sent in and re-encoded. The cost is about 50 euros.

In case of Renault Radio, Renault Radio Code Generator is the free program to generate the radio code just in one click. You need Pre Code of your car radio to use this program. It will give a specific identification of the car’s Radio.

In the case of freely purchased car radios, the radio codes can also be called up on the Internet. For example, to find a Becker radio code, the model and serial number of the car radio, which can be found on a sticker on the radio housing, needed. These two numbers must be entered in an online form. After paying a lump sum, the code will be sent by e-mail within a few hours. In this way, of course, with codes for radios from manufacturers like Pioneer, Alpine, Blaupunkt and others. However, it can not be guaranteed that codes for all makes can be queried online. But providers speak of a coverage of about 95 percent of all popular car radio models.

What should be considered with the radio code?

Especially for used car radios, you should specifically ask for the radio code. If this is missing, you have to expect additional costs. Also when buying a used car, you should scour the documents according to the PIN code for the radio. It is best to keep the code together with the vehicle registration document and not inside the vehicle. Such documents should be protected against theft and should be removed separately.