Limousine rental: opt for luxury!

The limousine rental concerns individuals to celebrate an exceptional event, but also the businessmen get them on rent.

A limousine is a long vehicle that has at least four doors and six side windows. Apart from the very wealthy people and celebrities, these long luxury cars are mainly owned by car rental agencies like rent limo Dubai company .

The rental of limousine, in the majority of cases, is a car rental with driver . However, this is not mandatory: inquire at the chosen rental company. This driver will transport you within the same city according to your desires or door to door. It can also pick you up at the airport.

What types of limousine to choose?

The limousines proposed for hire are generally:

  • the Lincoln wave  : length 9 m with a capacity of 8 people maximum;
  • the Lincoln Kristal  : length 9 m with a capacity of 8 people maximum. It is also equipped with a 3 th door, ideal for dual arrival of star;
  • the Mercedes Benz class S  : 3 people maximum.

On the equipment side, depending on the type of car, the limousine can contain:

  • an integrated phone;
  • a television, flat screens, a DVD player;
  • a smoke machine;
  • multi-zone air conditioning;
  • LED lighting or a dance floor and disco laser;
  • a mini-bar filled according to the tastes of the client;
  • a driver separation with intercom.

Depending on the events (wedding, bachelor party, birthday …), it can also be customized.

Rent a limousine

The short-term hire of a limousine is more expensive than that of a classic car. The use of the limousine is often reserved for a particular event, such as a wedding or anniversary.

Some examples of limousine rental rates:

  • from € 110 for a «business» transport;
  • from 25 € for a 1 hour night stroll;
  • about 300 € for a 2 hour availability;
  • and between 400 and 500 € for a wedding.

Bottles of champagne, soft drinks, driver, and insurance can be included in the package of availability. Inquire before making your choice.