Gauges: Most Important car engine parts

Can we overlook Gauges on our car’s dashboard?? Yes, they are important!! Understand gauges and their uses here with this guide. – Brought to you by PartsAvatar car engine parts online. car parts-speedometer.jpg

We rely on car dashboard way too much. Why not? We can get almost every warning signal or information about our car’s functionality beforehand. But many of us might be ignorant to some other dashboard gauges.

So, in this article, let us fill your grey matter with some interesting and useful information about car’s dashboard gauges. Why is it so important to spare your precious time to know their working?

Well if you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on replacement car parts and expensive labour fees, then you should!

The most common configuration in today’s cars is: Speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temperature.


In simple words, speedometer tells you how fast your car is going on the road. It is one of the most commonly used gauges on the dashboard and we know how much we rely on it.

Speedometer relies on cable that spins inside a flexible tube. This cable is connected on one side to the speedometer, and on other side to speedometer gear inside the transmission.

Now-a-days some vehicles have replaced cables with electric sensors. Different vehicles have different kinds of speedometer available. Different kinds refer to functionalities or operations that are available on different vehicle’s speedometer. But if your speedometer stops working, it’s not wise to ignore and keep on driving because it is totally not safe.

It offers accurate reading on your speed, in either miles per hour or kilometre per hour depending on your car.

Some factors like size of tires and improper speedometer gear can cause trouble and affect the accuracy of speedometer readings.

If your car is equipped with the tires of larger diameter, then your speedometer will indicate that you are going slower than your real pace. Replacement of car transmission parts is very important for safety but improper installation of transmission can also cause alteration in speedometer readings too, so make sure that you have chosen an experienced mechanic to fulfil the job.

If you are not alert, it can be easy to let yourself accelerate past the speed limit with malfunctioning speedometer.

Temperature gauge

How do you know the temperature of your car’s engine coolant specifically? Well, it is the job of this gauge to read the temperature of engine coolant not the car’s engine.

Most gauges have their temperature ranges as- cold, normal and hot. If the temperature gauge reads high, your car could be leaking coolant or have a bad water pump. Leaks are worst enemies of cars.

Engine overheating if not found on time can lead to multiple auto parts failure. So it is very important to know the exact temperature. High reading of temperature gauge signal towards engine overheating or a small leak might have developed that is caudsing the radiator of your car to lose coolant.

Malfunctioning water pump can also be a prominent culprit if found because in some cases water pump gasket failure often increases the coolant’s temperature. Visit your mechanic; get the car examined so that you can make proper replacement of auto part on time.

Cold readings could be caused if the gauge itself is malfunctioning. Another reason can be stuck open thermostat, which can cause low temperature readings of an engine.

Make sure not to drive a car that is being overheated and along with the temperature gauge have the cooling system of your car checked as well.


Your car’s tachometer tells you how fast your engine is turning in revolutions per minute. It can be found in both manually or automatically operated vehicles.

You might find its working complex and then let’s understand its working in simple words. Its sole purpose is to help the driver in choosing the right throttle and gear for driving conditions.

You should never race your car engine too fast that the tachometer moves into red zone as it will cause severe engine damage like overheating, inadequate lubrication and premature wear of engine parts.

Malfunctioning tachometer can be caused due to various reasons like bad wiring, blown fuse or calibration problems. You might need to visit a technician or a professional that can take a look at car’s calibration issues.

Save your car engine by not driving in such a way that tachometer shows readings of red mark area.

Fuel Gauge

Very simple, how do you estimate the amount of fuel in your car’s fuel tank? Fuel gauge does the job. If you ignore malfunctioning fuel gauge, you won’t even know how much fuel is left in your gas tank.

This could lead to potential problems with car or even leave you stranded on road because of empty gas tank.

Fuel pump is submerged in gas at the bottom of your fuel tank. If you run close to empty on a regular basis, the fuel pump won’t be fully submerged causing it to operate at a hotter temperature and wearing process will speed up.

Oil pressure gauge

How will you know about engine’s well being or advanced car breakdowns? The oil pressure gauge monitors the oil pressure near pump and filter. Oil pressure to engine is just like blood pressure to a human being. The rest consequences of high and low can now be easily understood.

Running an engine with no oil pressure can destroy it. If you get the indications that the oil pressure is going low, you need to pull over immediately and turn off the engine.

Check the oil level when the engine has cooled down and add oil as necessary.

Many cars do not have oil pressure gauge but they can show you oil pressure readings with red or orange warning lights. This warning light is connected to oil level sensor and will illuminate indicating increasing or decreasing oil pressure.

Engine is a crucial car part and you can’t just ignore even a trivial car part replacement because it may at first seem small and trivial but with time it will cause grave damage and expensive replacements.

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