Be Alert: 7 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Many lives were and are being taken because of reckless driving. Drivers seem to understand how dangerous cars can be after an accident happens and, unfortunately, that’s often too late and the damage is already done.

The ironic thing is that accidents can be prevented by introducing very simple rules to your driving and turning them into habits. Once something becomes a matter of habit, you won’t even notice it afterwards – and they will help you be a conscious diver who values their own and the safety of everyone else on the road.

Fast Lanes Are Dangerous

Most accidents happen in fast lanes. Obviously, everyone seems to be in a terrible hurry, but fast driving and being reckless is a recipe for a disaster. When driving at high speeds, it’s impossible to stop immediately – as I’m sure you’re aware – and when that becomes necessary, you may be deadly to yourself and everyone around you. Therefore, stay away from fast lanes and don’t be hasty – whatever you’re late for can’t be more important than your life.

Scan the Road in Front of You

If you’re a chess player or you’re into strategy games then this won’t be too difficult to apply to your driving; you should always think a couple of steps ahead – the more the better. Traffic is predictable, but of course, you will need some experience in order to grasp this. However, it’s quite simple to get into it with practice, and strategic thinking will definitely help you to foresee a possible accident and prevent it.

Mind the Blind Spots

Naturally, you should be extra careful when it comes to entering and driving through blind spots. Considering the fact that road visibility is decreased, you should use every mirror in your car to increase it. Of course, it’s mandatory that the mirrors are previously set according to your convenience.

9 and 3 O’clock Positions

Instead of trying to look cool while driving – which is a phase that everyone feels the need to go through – you should try to implement the right body posture. Of course, your seat needs to be in the right position and your hands on the nine and three o’clock positions. This will enable to have maximal control over your wheel and full visibility.

Racecar drivers do this (and we all think they are cool), and one other thing – their seat is positioned quite close to the wheel so that they can respond to situations promptly. However, there’s a such thing as too close, so make sure you have comfortable access to all the pedals.

Check Out Nearby Drivers

It’s vital for the safety of everyone in your car and the wellbeing of everyone participating in traffic that you’re aware of everything that’s going on and that includes checking out the drivers around you. You can come up to quite precise conclusions regarding a driver just by glancing their car; if it’s messy and in a lousy condition, the chances are that driver is the same. This will enable you to predict a possible accident – you just need to stay away from those drivers because they are unpredictable.

Know Your Car

Many drivers are completely ignorant about the properties of their car; knowing your car, how it functions and what its abilities are will enable you to understand what it can do. By learning all of this, you’ll be able to understand what your vehicle is capable of and that will expand your set of actions you should take in a car accident.

Don’t Drive Under Influence

Not only can penalties of driving under the influence can seriously set you back, but it’s very dangerous – so just don’t do it. Your consciousness gets severely narrowed when you’re drinking and your motor skills are quite damaged at those points, so you won’t be able to make good decisions and to respond to dangerous situations properly.

In Case of an Accident…

Still, accidents happen – even if you do everything in your power, there are other drivers who won’t take those precautions. So, in case of an accident, you should first call an ambulance, and contact the authorities. After you provided first aid to those in need, you should also get in touch with your attorney. Your adrenaline levels will raise in those moments and you will need someone with a clear mind to protect your rights.

None of the things listed above are challenging or at all difficult to implement when driving. Make sure to have them all in mind the next time you’re in the car and they will turn into a habit before you know it. Drive safely.