Important tips to buy a used car

5 tips to buy a used car

Buying a used car is often stressful. Nobody wants to buy a wreck without realizing it. In this article, I will give you tips to find the right deal on Kansas City used cars for sale. I apply them every time I want to buy a new car. They have been quite successful since I started renting private cars.

1 – Prepare the research

When you want to buy a new car, you have to define certain purchase criteria. These criteria will allow you to better target your search and thus gain in efficiency. Start with fairly broad criteria to understand the offers available. The more you advance in your search, the more you can refine your requirements.

The most important criteria are:

  • the model of the car
  • the year of entry into circulation
  • mileage
  • the price

All other criteria you can choose will only be useful when you have already made a first selection. They will be used to compare the different ads you have pre-selected.

2 – Reactivity

When looking to get a good deal on buying a used car, you must be responsive.

Once you have located an ad that fits your criteria, you must save it so you do not lose it. And you must especially contact the seller as soon as possible.

You will often have two choices to inform the seller that you are interested in selling his vehicle:

  • Send an email
  • Call

The only way to proceed is to call the seller if he has left his phone number available.

Sending an email is time lost for you and the seller. If the ad you have selected is really good, be sure that whoever calls and gets an appointment first will be the winner.

3 – Ask the right questions

You have been responsive, and you are about to call the seller. Bravo!

Now you must know exactly what questions to ask when calling. These questions are always the same and you need to analyze the answers quickly so that at the end of the phone interview, you get an appointment to see the vehicle.

Here are the three essential questions to ask the seller:

1 – What is the external condition of the vehicle? Scratches, shocks, impacts, are they visible on the body?

2 – What is the internal state of the vehicle? Traces, spots are they visible? Are all the accessories functional (air conditioning, car radio, windows, seat controls, etc.)?

3 – Do you have a history / invoice of car maintenance?

Here is the last question I ask before concluding an appointment with the seller:

When the seller answers your various questions, pay attention to the answers and do not hesitate to ask a question if the seller is not clear.

A little trick I often use: ask the same question twice. A first time at the beginning of the interview, then the second time at the end of the interview and make sure that the seller gives you the same answer.

4 – Know the seller

When buying a used car, or any other good, it is essential to know as much information as possible about the seller. It is the information that will allow you a greater bargaining power, or to have much more information on the vehicle.

The seller needs the money from the sale of this vehicle to buy the next? You can negotiate the price down.