Remote Monitoring Video: benefits of using online cameras with GPS in cars and trucks

Administrators and managers of transport fleets are constantly searching for methods and strategies to achieve greater safety for vehicles and drivers and, in turn, greater productivity of it. Fortunately, technology is on our side, providing its advances to achieve efficient fleet control. For that reason, remote video monitoring systems are ideal to provide online video surveillance to each of the company’s vehicles.

To the already well-known and widely applied technology of GPS tracking and satellite tracking, EYERIDE has added the cameras with GPS and video transmission in real time , which allow, not only the recording of what happens inside and outside the vehicle, but also allows to observe by broadcasting live video. All accessible from a computer or a cell phone. Below we briefly explain what each of the elements of this type of technology is about.

GPS device attached to online cameras for vehicles

A GPS is capable of transmitting, among other data, its position, its speed and its state (if it is stopped). This information is very useful when installing a GPS in a car, truck or truck of the fleet. In this way, we will obtain the positions and states of each of the vehicles that possess this technology, which is associated with a transmission equipment and a management platform.

Online security camera kit with real-time video streaming for cars and trucks

In some countries, such as Russia, it is very common to see cars that have DashCams installed. This type of cameras are placed in the vehicles so that they record in their SD memory everything that happens, the problem is that everything remains in the memory, which is easy to remove and “disappear” by the driver or another person, before a action not allowed. On the other hand, cameras with GPS and live video transmission, in addition to storing the information in HD video on cards and hard disks, allow to send audio and video to a server in real time. In this way, customers can observe, and save, the information by simply accessing the management platform from a computer or smartphone.

Benefits of installing GPS cameras with live video for fleet control

Nothing is as important as investing in technology to provide greater security to the vehicles and personnel of our transportation fleet, as well as improving the productivity and profitability of the business. For this reason, this type of cameras for cars and trucks are the future in terms of management and control of transport fleets.

These are some of the competitive advantages of installing an online video surveillance system with GPS cameras in the vehicles of the flotilla:

  • Analyze risky maneuvers for insurance.
  • Prevent accidents.
  • Increase the productivity of drivers.
  • Control the behavior of drivers and passengers.
  • Prevent vehicles from deviating from established routes.
  • Obtain evidence and video evidence in case of theft or legal problems.
  • Control what happens inside a passenger vehicle, such as a bus or taxi.
  • Know the state of the load.
  • Store any problem on video, such as theft or accidents.
  • Communicate with drivers when they see an action not allowed.
  • Total control 24 hours a day.
  • Display of several vehicles on the same screen.