Advantages and disadvantages of Airfreight for Vehicle transportation

The continuing expansion of world trade has been one of the reasons for the rapid increase in Air freight in recent decades. Air freight has the highest growth rates of all modes of transport and continues to increase.

The advantages of Air freight are short transport times over long distances, fast cargo handling and fast forwarding through Road Feeder Services. Since the transport chains are very precisely organized in air freight traffic, air freight is therefore the ideal method of transporting goods with a high urgency. These include relief supplies, high-quality goods, spare parts, vehicles, live animals and plants that need to be transported over long distances. Other benefits of the air freight business include the high safety standards that apply in general to aviation. Meticulously complied flight schedules guarantee the timely scheduling of shipments. The overall logistics concept is therefore less prone to failure than other freight methods.

Many parcel and vehicle companies such as have specialized in Air freight due to the urgency of their shipments and have their own transport fleets scheduled to operate on a regular basis.

In supplying the population with relief goods in disaster and crisis areas, there is hardly a reasonable alternative without question about air freight.

The disadvantages of Air freight certainly include the higher transport costs, which are relatively high compared to other transport methods. The reason for this is the higher fuel consumption of aircraft. For a comparable transport performance, an aircraft consumes about twelve times more fuel, such as a seagoing vessel. For the transport of 100 kg / 100 km an aircraft consumes 3 liters of kerosene, a seagoing ship needs about a quarter liter of diesel fuel for the same transport performance. Due to the high safety standards in aviation, transport of goods and substances that may pose a risk is excluded from transport.

Air freight is and will remain one of the most important drivers of growth in the global transport business. Although the high logistical performance of this freight method is somewhat more expensive than other transport systems, no other transport method offers comparable performance in terms of speed, safety and reliability.