Is your car key stuck in the ignition?  Here’s what to do

If you drive and have already key stuck in ignition, you know how stressful this situation can be.  It’s even more stressful when you have to leave your car unattended and unlocked to get help. 
And if by the height of misfortune you are in a hurry!  Before stressing, there are a few things you can do before the situation escalates. 

Tips for removing a key stuck in the ignition

Watch the positioning of the key. 
Before calling a locksmith, make sure the key is turned to the “stop” position. 
You will make your situation worse if you try to turn your key beyond this position. 
So, if you are in the “stop” position, the engine should be off while the radio can still work. 
Check if your gearbox is in the ” parking ” (P or ” parking ”) position. 
You can not remove your key when the gearbox is in this position.

Check the battery. 
If she is dead, the key may get stuck in the ignition .  However, it depends on the model of the car. 
If you have a car of this type, do not remove the key unless the battery is partially charged.

Use a hair clip. 
If all the tips above have not borne fruit, use everyday objects. 
Or  try to remove the key with folders. 
Be careful not to turn the key by removing it since you can break it. 
If using a hair clip, remove the cover from the contact’s access point. 
Weigh carefully on the release mechanism of the ignition lock.

Loosen it. 
Use a silicone aerosol or electrical lubricant to release the key. 
Always be careful not to break the key in the ignition . 

If you have followed all the advice and you still have not succeeded, there is only one thing left to do.