Repair Bull Car Roof Lining Repair Specialists Launch Service in Every Australian Capital City With Month of Discounts

Repair Bull Car Roof Lining Repair Specialists Launch Service

To celebrate its expansion into every Australian capital, the five-star rated automotive repair company is offering customers a discount on car roof lining repair throughout October 2022.


The Australia-wide coverage provided by Repair Bull’s specialist technicians now includes The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and surrounding areas.


Commenting on its expansion, Rory Clark Company Director at Repair Bull says, “We’re stoked to be able to bring our speciality services to customers in every Australian capital city. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we offer qualified technicians and the highest standards of workmanship. All repairs are covered by our customer satisfaction guarantee warranty also available.


“Impeccable customer service is our number one priority, and we’re immensely proud of the over 600 five-star reviews we’ve received from satisfied clients.


“Having technicians in all corners of the country also means we can bring our mobile car roof lining repair service into most places we serve. Making the repair process even more convenient and stress-free for our customers.


“So, if you need a car roof repair, give us a call and we’ll come to you. And through October, we’re discounting our rates to make our services even more affordable.” 

When Is A Car Roof Lining Repair Needed?

A car roof lining is a moulded board fitted into the car roof. Glued to the board is foam-backed material – the material visible from inside the car. However, after five to ten years, the foam layer can start to deteriorate, causing the material to lift and sag. In areas subject to repeated high temperatures, the deterioration can happen more quickly.


Repairing a car roof lining is an important part of standard car maintenance. The foam-backed board not only performs an aesthetic duty, but helps regulate interior temperatures and reduces noise.

How to Fix Car Roof Lining

Car roof lining repair takes around two hours and requires the removal of all items on the roof, including sun visors, light fittings and wiring, clips, panels, and any other interior furniture. To make the repair, the existing board is removed from the car and cleaned before the technician attaches new foam-backed material with a specialist adhesive.


Mobile experienced mechanics can perform the repair at a customer’s home, or the customer can bring the car into the repair workshop. Doors with carpet trims that have slipped down can be similarly repaired on-site.

About Repair Bull

Repair Bull has been Australia’s leading car roof lining repair specialist for over ten years, with experienced technicians available in every capital city in the country. For added customer convenience, Repair Bull offers affordable mobile car roof repair services in most areas. The company has over 600 five-star reviews, and all work is covered by customer satisfaction guarantee warranty also available. Visit to learn more.