How to transport your motorcycle or quad in tow?  

transport your motorcycle

If you have to transport your motorcycle or quad without registering to private roads or off-road circuits, the light trailer is an affordable and practical option. Through this post we explain its main features and we offer a series of valuable tips to know how to motorcycle transport or quad in tow:


How to take your motorcycle or quad in tow?

Undoubtedly, in our country there are many fans who enjoy their motorcycle or quad without registering on private roads or enclosures specially designed for the practice of off road. Some vehicles, by the way, that lacking the corresponding identification plate and the registration certificate can not travel on public roads. Therefore, their owners have to transport them to the place where they will be driven.

If you are thinking of buying a motorcycle or a quad for use on private roads or off road circuits, you must know that you must choose a means to transport the vehicle. In this regard, you can hire the services of a specialized company or carry out the transport by your own means. If you opt for this last alternative, you basically have two options: enter your motorcycle or quad in a van or buy a trailer.

Light trailer: the best option

If we take into account that not all drivers own a van capable of transporting a motorcycle or a quad and that, on the contrary, they are the majority with a car, we recommend purchasing a light trailer. In the market you will find all kinds: open and closed, with one or two axles, with one or several rails, with and without brake, straight load (in the direction of travel) or transversal.

Still do not know what a light trailer is and what are its main characteristics? Take note:

  • Light trailers are those whose maximum authorized mass (MMA) is less than or equal to 750 kilos.
  • They are not required to carry their own license plate, but they must include the license plate of the tractor vehicle.
  • And they do not necessarily have to have a spare wheel (although they carry it, much better, of course), but the vehicle that pulls the light trailer must have a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.
  • As for its documentation, it does not include the registration certificate, but along with the papers of your car you will have to carry the card of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) of the light trailer and the certificate or technical sheet provided by the manufacturer.
  • And as far as insurance is concerned, it is not mandatory to contract a specific policy, since the coverage of light trailers is usually included in the Car Insurance Civil Liability guarantee. Of course: it is advisable to inform the company that the insured vehicle sometimes circulates with a light trailer.
  • The installation of the system that will allow coupling the light trailer to the tractor vehicle must be carried out in specialized establishments and, later, be verified and legalized in an ITV station. Failure to comply with this requirement is considered a serious infraction.


Who is allowed to drive with a light trailer?

The light trailers are perfect for transporting a motorcycle or a quad. And in the market you will find a wide offer with prices for all pockets, thus becoming a really affordable transportation option. And also accessible, since the holders of card B can circulate with them. This is specified in the General Drivers Regulations in Article 4:

The driving license of class B authorizes to drive the following vehicles:

  • Cars whose MMA does not exceed 3,500 kilos that are designed and built for the transport of no more than eight passengers in addition to the driver. These cars may be towed with a trailer whose MMA does not exceed 750 kilos.
  • So, if you have the B card you can drive with a light trailer without having to do a previous exam. Make sure that the trailer with which you drive is light, because if your MMA exceeds 750 kilos you could be sanctioned with a financial fine and the withdrawal of 4 points of driving license.