Why motorists must know the importance of powder coating

Powder coating is a widely used method for car wheel care. It makes cleaning easier, provides lasting protection against corrosion and improves your appearance. With all the advantages, however, there are some things to keep in mind

How does the powder coating work?

Basically, a powder coating is possible wherever the substrate is electrically conductive. In the automotive industry, the process is therefore used not only in the refinement of the rims, but also in the coating of many other vehicle parts such as the auto body or the gas tank. An overview of other services involved in powder coating can be found on https://mauipowderworks.com/ .

Basically, always the same procedure is used. It essentially comprises two work steps.

Step 1 – The paint stripping

First, the component is freed from its previous paint in a chemical immersion bath. After that, the rims are roughened. In this way, the new paint can adhere better later. In this case, methods such as sand or glass bead irradiation are used. Another advantage of this method is that the surface of the rims is cleaned chemically and metallically.

Step 2 – The powder coating

In the second step, it comes to the actual powder coating. The painter uses a spray gun that charges the paint particles electrostatically. This is done either by friction or by electrode. Since the rim is charged exactly the other way round, the paint particles keep optimally. Overall, the process involves three steps. The first is applied to the primer, the second to the color coat and the third to the clear coat .

Each step is interrupted by a 45-minute burn-in phase. The rims are heated to a temperature of 200 ° C. The polyester resin particles cure in this way and form a solid layer.

What advantages does a powder coating have?

The main advantage of a powder coating is the reduced care required for the rims. The treated rims require much less care. The coating is dirt-repellent. As a rule, a little water and a little bit of rim cleaner is enough to remove all dirt with little effort. Another advantage is that the powder coating protects the rim reliably against scratches. With a thickness of 150 to 200 nanometers, it is impact-resistant and at the same time very elastic.

Moreover, the coating makes the rims with their uniform, shiny look much more noble and sporty.

The advantages of a powder coating at a glance

  • noble look
  • simple rim care
  • Available in many different colors
  • permanent protection against corrosion and similar damage
  • feasible with relatively little effort