Motorcycle jacket: how to choose it?

Faced with an abundant supply of motorcycle jackets, it is sometimes very difficult to make a choice. If the crush is a ruthless argument for many of us, it’s not the only variable that must be part of your decision-making. Comfort, practicality, protection, resistance … are all aspects to take into account! You can read about complete guide for buying Motorcycle jackets on Moto Consultant. Here are our tips for choosing your motorcycle jacket.

What kind of jacket is made for me?

To adapt to the driving of each, there are different types of motorcycle jackets:

  • The road leather jacket offers unstoppable protection due to its thickness. It does not wear with friction and keeps the look of a leather jacket for the city, with a nice straight cut.Comfort and noble material make it a real asset for driving in the city!
  •  The sports leather jacket, on the other hand, has a cut closer to the body, sleeves and trunk being shorter. This allows to adapt to the holding a sport type pants. Protections can be added at the elbows and shoulders and an aerodynamic hump is also possible. The security provided by this type of jacket is nevertheless offset by its lack of tightness and rigidity regrettable.
  •  The textile jacket brings more comfort to the driving because of its flexibility. It is often warmer than leather jackets, especially when equipped with a removable liner. Although it is waterproof, it does not have the qualities of safety and protection of leather jackets.
  •  The textile jacket, different from the textile jacket by its length at the trunk, is a real companion for urban driving. More protective against the cold and the rain, it is particularly interesting for the holders of motorbike or scooter.
  •  The gore-tex jacket is a perfect waterproof windbreaker. It offers optimal breathability, which is the ability to let perspiration escape, ideal for motorcycle rides in the summer season. This type of jacket is suitable for bikers who ride all year thanks to its natural ability to adapt to climate change.

    A jacket adapted to my driving

    A windbreaker is essential!

    The motorcycle jacket must above all prevent air from entering. Indeed, even with optimal road conditions, the air generated by the speed causes a feeling of unpleasant cold. That’s why it’s best to opt for a jacket whose sleeves are tightened at the wrists and whose neck goes up well in your neck. If not, you can also opt for a choker that will finish protecting you from sore throats! The removable lining inside the jacket is a real plus, because it allows to adapt your equipment to the driving in winter as in summer.

    Waterproof for optimal comfort

    The waterproofness of your jacket is an important quality because it will guarantee you an appreciable comfort in case of driving in the rain. You can tell yourself that, whatever happens, you will not go on a ride in bad weather, but you are never safe from a downpour! This is why we strongly advise you not to neglect this criterion.

    Roll, you can breathe

    If the insulation of your jacket is important, its breathability is just as much, if not more! At the risk of transforming the inside of your jacket into a real sauna, you have every interest in making sure that it breathes enough. For this, we advise you to check the presence of ventilated zones or even strategically placed ventilation zips.

    A jacket that suits you like a glove

    You have selected the perfect jacket for you? The moment of fitting is now an important step. Remember to simulate the position adopted on your bike to verify that the jacket does not go up too much, especially in your back, which would let slip an unpleasant wind.