Importance of online reviews for Auto Business

In recent years, customer ratings have been increasing steadily. Specialized sites have even emerged, whether in the tourism sector, catering or real estate. Do these sites and reviews have an influence on the decision process of your potential customers?

Whether the opinion is positive or negative, it becomes more and more important due to the Internet. Sites have made their spearhead and can even be related to references in the field today. One thing is certain, these opinions are elements taken into account by consumers in their decision making.

Analysis of consumer opinions

The customer review is nothing but the word of mouth of our time. If 2/3 of Internet users trusted opinions in 2009, today is around 90% of consumers; almost all of them consider them useful. For half of them, these opinions allow them above all to buy better and cheaper. For companies, the positive effects can very quickly be felt. Thus, consumer reviews would improve the processing rate by almost 50% and even increase the average basket in 90% of cases. Finally, a consumer will read between 2 to 7 opinions to make his decision between 3 auto products he has pre-selected.

A determining factor

The sharing of consumer opinions is an alternative for future consumers to make their choice in the purchasing process among a multitude of cars. Nearly two in three Internet users will give their opinion on a product or service. In other words, your product, or directly your business, is therefore subject, every day, to the judgment of consumers. A product 3 stars can quickly lose these at the mercy of the discontented. The consumer has become a consumer and no longer deprives him. But conversely, the bonuses on a product strongly influence the purchase. For a service delivery, the trend is the same.

Criticism harms more than positive reviews help

As in everyday life, where the negative criticism is easier than the positive. The Internet is no exception and consumers like to share their feelings. Also, a negative critique spreads much more and much faster than satisfaction in auto business. A dissatisfied consumer comment will affect 4 times more than a recommendation recommending the auto product or service provider. This is accentuated over the years with the predominance of social networks, and negative comments are more easily anchored in personal opinion; comments too positive among a flood of critics being perceived, rightly or wrongly, with suspicion by consumers.

These consumer opinion content, whether directly on the seller’s site or a site aggregating comments, have, in our time when consumers’ attention pays attention to each purchase decision, an influence now superior to the marketing image given by the media. Even if the “real” opinions given by his entourage are more followed, because of his desire to share his opinion and the possibility given to do so on a large scale, the influencer client is today the best commercial of a company, or will soon become one.