5 benefits of using an electric bike

Among all we are loading the planet, especially if we use the car 7 days a week for the convenience that this entails. To alleviate this big problem you can walk to work or you can opt for means of transport, for example, the public bus or the subway, but of course, is it more profitable to pay gas? The answer is no, but then, “how am I going to work?” You will be asking. Have you thought about the electric bicycle?

The same ones are conventional bicycles, to which an electric motor is installed to help in the pedaling. These elcykel are becoming an alternative means of transport to the car, which brings many benefits, do you want to know them? Keep reading!

  1. They do not affect the environment

The main benefit of the use of electric bicycles affects the environment, since unlike other means of transport, it does not pollute and helps to combat urban air pollution, since it does not emit CO2, or at least reduces the emission with respect to other transports

  1. You will exercise

The fact that they have an engine does not mean that you no longer pedal, you will continue doing the same physical exercise that you did with a conventional bicycle, except this time for longer, since it will allow you to travel longer distances.

  1. They allow you to exercise if you have suffered an injury

If you want to exercise but suffer some problem in your bones or pain in your joints, you can work them easily and without suffering any damage with an electric bicycle. Since you can adjust the work done by the engine to reduce the intensity with which you pedal, for what the load on knees and ligaments will be less.

  1. They are economical

If we take into account the cost of having a car, and I do not only mean the amount it costs to buy one, but maintenance, fuel, insurance, taxes or fines, no doubt buying an electric bike is more profitable , since maintenance is minimal, if not null, and the price is usually not very high.

  1. They adapt to any situation

By this I mean you can use the bicycle for a whole journey or combine it with other means of transport to simplify routes, something that with another transport like a car would be impossible. In addition, bicycles can be introduced in meters and trains, so intermodal travel is possible.