The perfect solution for your temporary logistic problem

Do you need a forklift or a storage vehicle on a temporary basis? Rent a short-term machine at FORKLIFT RENTAL is the ideal solution. We have a fleet of 300 top quality machines. These forklifts and warehousing machines are reliable and can be delivered 24 hours a day from our various branches.


Extra fast capacity

During peak activity, a rental cart allows you to quickly increase the capacity of your fleet. Similarly, when the peak of activity stops, you quickly reduce this capacity without leaving any unused trolleys.

Transition period

While waiting for the delivery of a new trolley, short-term rental is the ideal solution.


If you plan to buy a new cart, let your driver’s test one or more models before making a decision.

Reduction of downtimes

One of your carts is down? Thanks to the fast delivery of a rental cart, you minimize the downtime.


Change your cart according to the needs of your business. You control the size and cost of your fleet while your employees can always work with suitable equipment.


Thanks to our fleet of 300 machines, we can constantly meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a diesel, LPG or electric forklift, a pallet truck, a stacker, a reach truck, a front forklift or a picking truck, we are looking for have what you need. You can also contact us for the short-term rental of batteries and hydraulic accessories such as clamps and fork positioners, but also for telescopic handlers, bucket lifts and scissor lifts. Click here for a complete overview of our short-term rental fleet. Our carrier delivers everything on site as soon as possible, whether for a day or for an extended period. Are you still wondering about the cart that best suits your situation? Our rental service expert will be happy to provide you with valuable advice.


Quality of Hyster

You always have high-performance forklift trucks of the Hyster brand. These trolleys are serviced by us from the beginning. Hyster forklifts are renowned for their robustness and reliability, ergonomics and flawless operation.

Quick delivery

Whether you are facing a sudden failure or a tight deadline, we can always provide you with an appropriate forklift from our Haren, Harelbeke or Antwerp branches. Your local representative will arrange to deliver your cart to the desired execution ready to start work.

A complete range

Our rental fleet is available in a wide range. The various executions and load capacities will certainly meet all handling needs.

Flexible contracts

Peaks of activity are often unpredictable. We offer flexible formulas for a day, a week or even several months.

The advice of a local expert

Your local representative will travel if necessary to discuss your needs and advise you – especially for new customers – on the most suitable cart.

No unexpected fees.

you pay a fixed rental price, regardless of any maintenance or repair work during the rental period. Accidents and damage not included.