Auto Repair Company in Brick NJ

Auto Repair Company in Brick NJ

Our goal is to provide quality repair service and get your vehicle back on the road quickly to ensure your satisfaction.

Our expert technicians provide comprehensive auto services for minor and major repairs. Our repair services include batteries, tune-ups, air conditioning, exhaust systems, alignments, wheel balancing, window motors, shocks and struts, engine repairs, and much more. Do you need tires? We have tires from Goodyear, Kelly, and Dunlop in stock and the ability to order any brand name tire within two days.

Regular auto maintenance helps to ensure optimum performance for your vehicle. The systems of your car are vulnerable to wear and tear, but regular maintenance will prevent some problems and detect others early, while they are still easy to fix. We offer 30/60/90 manufacturer required maintenance, oil changes, filter changes, and more. We can provide information about the factory maintenance schedules for your vehicle.

Trained Technicians

Our professional technicians are having extensive knowledge and experience with diagnosis, service, and repair.

 Trusted & Reliable Service

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose and repair your imported automobile.

 Renowned Reputation

​Since opening, we have established a reputation in the auto repair brick nj for trusted and reliable imported auto repair and service.

 Engine Services

  • Oil Leak Services
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Coolant Leak Diagnosis
  • Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Ignition Service and Repair
  • Head Gasket Replacement
  • Water Pump Service and Repair
  • Radiator Hose and Fan Replacement
  • Engine Repair/Replacement/Overhaul

 Exhaust & Emission Services

  • Emission System Service
  • Catalytic Converter Service
  • Exhaust Manifold Replacement
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Please browse our website to read more about our company, auto repair brick nj and maintenance services, and check for coupons and special offers to help you get the best price for your auto services.