Top 7 Hacks for Cleaning Car Interiors

Top 7 Hacks for Cleaning Car Interiors

Nothing beats seeing your car after it has just been washed and waxed. It’s just incredibly shiny, squeaky clean, and just overall dashing. But often times, we get too caught up in making our vehicles look good only on the outside. Not realising enough that keeping our car interiors spick and span is as equally important.

Whether you’re single or a parent, we know you know that the inside of our cars tend to get really messy and dirty. And maybe because the interiors are rather more detailed and intricate, we become overwhelmed or (most of the time) lazy to give it some extra care and attention.

With that, as your trusted professional car wreckers who are reputable for giving top cash for cars, we ought to provide you with some of the most quick and easy tips to tidy up your car interiors. Apart from the usual vacuuming, you may use these easy-to-follow car cleaning hacks that are simple and budget-friendly. All you have to do is grab some of the normal items and products that you usually use at home.

Your old toothbrush

They say that your toothbrush’s lifespan is just 3 months. But admit it, we tend to use it longer than that. So cut that short now and use it to clean the nooks and crannies of your car interiors. With an all-purpose cleaner, you may use it to remove the gunk in between your car seats, on your arm rests, the doors, crevices of your dashboard, and more. It just makes it a whole lot easier!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is not just perfect for cooking healthy and tasty dishes. It is also great for the leather parts of our car’s interiors. Just put a small amount (a few drops will do) on a clean microfiber or wash cloth, then wipe all the leather parts of your car. Just be sure not to put it directly on the surfaces.

Craft Foam Brush

Using a small foam brush, getting rid of all the accumulated dust in the crevices of your dashboard is easy peasy. Use it for those hard-to-clean AC vents, slots, dashboard corners, and more. Don’t have this at home? Not to worry. You can find them in local craft stores or department stores, and it won’t even put a dent in your wallet.

Vinegar + Dishwashing Soap

Car interiors can easily go from nice and clean to gross and messy just right after a drive-thru, right? So if you’ve got some coffee or cola spills inside your car, there’s no need to spend for hefty interior detailing services. You can easily get rid of them just by using a mixture of 1 tbsp of white vinegar, ½ tsp dishwashing detergent, and a quart of clean water. Blot the spills with paper towels first. Then let the mixture sit on the stain for a few minutes. Then wipe away with warm water.

Coffee Filters

Dust and all those tiny particles are the some of the worst enemies of our car interiors. Don’t worry, because coffee filters are here to the rescue. Just get some from your kitchen and immediately rub all the surfaces you see with accumulated dust and dirt. You may use it for the vents, the steering wheel, middle console, and more.


If there’s anything that we easily notice in a clean or dirty car, it’s the smell. Those after party roadtrips, kid car sickness stains, pet odor, or even just the bad smell of something wet that wasn’t able to dry out easily – all those are kind of hard to remove even if you do have an air freshener inside. All you have to do is get some charcoal, put it in some open container, and just let it sit inside your car for as long as you want. It’ll easily absorb all those nasty odors. The good part is, dad won’t even get mad for you taking those charcoal. You may still use them for grilling afterwards!


Okay, maybe this is not a common household product. But most if not all car owners have this one in their garage. This handy product is not only good for greasing stuff, it is also helpful in cleaning. You may spray this onto carpet or upholstery that are soiled with crayon stains. It’s also effective in removing nasty gums and even those hard-to-remove stickers.


Like we said, cleaning our car interiors is just as important as washing and waxing our car’s body. It impacts our health, riding comfort, the vehicle’s resale value, and even our driving mood and attitude. Thus, we the easy cleaning hacks we have given you, keeping your car interiors spotless won’t be much of a burden.


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