Understanding the Auto Windshield Replacement Process


Each day, vehicle owners across the country endure accidents and mishaps on the road that lead to a broken or cracked windshield. The circumstances behind each incident are unique. However, the process of auto windshield replacement remains the same in each case. Using high-quality materials, years of training, and guaranteed techniques, experts can replace a busted windshield with ease. It’s the process that alludes most drivers, though. Many have never seen a windshield replacement firsthand. Below we detail just how windshield replacement works.

Auto Windshield Replacement Process

The auto windshield replacement process is broken down into thorough steps. Each step serves a purpose.

First, we begin with a thorough assessment of the damage. With two glass technicians working in tandem, the true extent of the damage is quickly realized and better addressed. Both will work together throughout the process to install a new windshield. The primary objective of the procedure is to ensure a brand-new windshield, free of leaks, wind noises, or gaps in the glass or frame.

Now, the old, damaged glass is completely removed. At this time, an industrial-grade adhesive is applied to the mounting area. This adhesive will allow the new windshield to sit snug inside of the frame. Before that, the new glass must be thoroughly cleaned. Even the smallest of smudges will be noticeable to the driver.

With the new glass completely clean and the adhesive in place, it’s time to lower the new windshield into place. Using either the two-man team or a small lift from the truck, the windshield is slowly fitted into the existing frame of the car. The resin will take around an hour to completely dry. During this period, any stickers from your previous windshield will be removed and added to the new windshield.

Finally, once the resin has dried completely, we remove the protective tape. You’re ready to get back on the road!

Common Causes of Windshield Damage

There are so many causes of windshield damage today. Most commonly, glass technicians are called to the scene of an accident, to the home of the vehicle owner, or to a nearby parking lot, because of:

  • Driving behind a construction vehicle (falling rocks or objects)
  • Driving along a gravel road
  • Improper windshield installation
  • A collision
  • Vandalism or theft
  • Extreme weather conditions

As you can see, the causes behind most windshield damage vary significantly. In most cases, you, the driver, cannot prevent the damage without risking a worse accident or situation. If something is going to fall of a truck, then it’s going to happen. You can only react by scheduling professional auto windshield replacement services.

We always recommend leaving windshield replacement to the experts. Such professionals have years of expertise and are properly equipped to handle any windshield replacement job imaginable. From the worst damage, such as a crumbling windshield, to minor cracks or dings in the glass. You want the best results possible, so call in an expert to tackle the replacement today!