10 tips to wash your car like a professional

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Are you one of those who wash your car with own hands? Perfect. We also. Is that the truth of things, we do not trust much in the automatic car washes or in the car washes.

In recent years, new products and cleaning techniques have appeared for cars, specifically formulated for leather, clothing, carpets, paints and glass. The era of wax with silicone and protector foams, has given way to waxes, moisturizing agents for plastics and powerful shampoo products that were previously limited access for cleaning professionals.

If you like your car to be fresh from the factory, here are some practical tips recommended by Kenzie’s Car Detailing in Dubai when it comes to washing your car.


  1. Always wash your car in the shade

Never wash it when it is under the ray of the sun. Why? Because the excessive heat quickly dries the products, preventing their correct action and also because the high temperature also alters the properties, both of the paint and crystals, as of the products. A jet of cold water to a windshield that has been under the sun for a long time could even crash or a sudden change in temperature could cause the wax not to cure properly.

  1. Use two buckets with water

When washing, always have two buckets of water at hand. One with shampoo and another only with water. Dip the rag or sponge into the mixture and when you are done, soak it in the bucket that has only water. So the dirt will stay in the bucket that has only water and you will not take it back to the shampoo.

  1. Do not use the same cloth to dry and wax

Order your cloths and rags. Never use the same towel to dry and then to waxIt is recommended to use microfiber cloths and towels, which are much softer with the paint. Forget about the cotton towels in the house or the kitchen sponges. Use Only microfiber.

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  1. Remove excess dirt before shampoo

If your car is very dirty, try to rinse it with plenty of water before starting to use the shampoo.

  1. Clean the interior with the right product

The shampoo does not serve to clean interiors. Apart from leaving the oily and greasy plastics, then with the heat, it dries them. Today there are specialized brand products that are applied in spray and containing wetting agents, as well as UV filters that prevent your console from burning or losing its color, in addition to delivering a natural shine, without oily residues.

  1. Apply the proper wax

Liquid spray waxes have proven to be quite effective and practical in their application. However, there are new waxes of different density that offer a spectacular layer of brightness and protection (even formulated according to the color of your painting). The application of the wax is very subtle. You do not need to anoint the whole pot more than a very thin layer. The wax is the last step after cleaning, sealing all the work already done.

  1. Polish the paint according to its damages

If your car is lacking in brightness or has small scratches, you may want to polish the paint. For this work there are different compounds that match the upper lacquer layer to the paint of the car. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can do it with the help of a cloth, a polishing compound and circular movements. When the damage is greater, you can polish the paint with the help of a rotating machine or take it with a professional detailer. It is important to keep in mind that polishing thins the lacquer layer, so it is not recommended to do it more than once a year.

  1. Use additional products and tools

Steam machines are excellent for cleaning the carpets of the car, as well as helping in the decontamination of textiles. In the case of the skin, you can also moisturize it with renovating products, which will prevent them from drying out.

  1. Prolong the life of the wax

Many brands of cleaning products offer a convenient quick detailer product that serves to keep the car clean after washing. Dry water marks, dust or bird droppings, can be removed quickly, without removing the wax coating from the car.

  1. Cover your car with a special canvas

To keep your car clean, you can always cover it with a special tarpaulin, which, while it can be a bit tedious to put on and take out every day, will ensure you keep your car paint free of dust, scratches, excrement birds and rays caused by nocturnal cats, restless dogs or naughty neighbors.