Paintless dent removal, how does it work?

 is a quick and easy way to refurbish a car. This is an ideal solution for your car and your wallet! You can get PDR Training to repair your car properly.

The best maintenance

Your car is like the apple of your eyes? No doubt you will want to offer the best treatment possible: the best fuel, the best parts, the best motor oil, etc.

  • On the road, you also take the greatest care of your car, making sure to park where the risk of collision is lower.
  • Obviously, you offer him a royal treatment on the weekend.

In short, there is nothing too good for your racing car.

No one is immune to an accident.

Despite all your precautions, no one is immune to an accident. And what you dreaded so much has happened … Your car has suffered some damage.

  • Fortunately, the paintless dent removal is an easy and practical solution to remedy the situation. The expertise of a professional technician will allow you to hit the road quickly!

Is the paintless dent removal for me?

  • If your car was parked when the collision occurred, paintless dent removal is often possible. Doors bumpy by careless children or nonchalant drivers, golf ball or baseball sized bumps, and even hail damage can be repaired by the paintless dent repair.
  • If your car was traveling on impact, the damage to the body line will usually be too great; you should then contact a traditional auto body shop. In paintless dent removal, the size of the bump is less important than the severity of the damage. Indeed, it is the type and depth of the impact that counts.

How it works?

Rather than sanding and repainting the car – a more expensive option, so generally less popular with customers – paintless dent repair technicians “massage” the damaged area by applying pressure to the inside of the sheet. The goal is to reshape the bodywork while preserving the original painting.

What are the advantages?

The benefits of paintless dent removal are many, starting with saving time and money – two very valuable things!

  • Indeed, this process will only cost you a fraction of the price of a traditional dent repair.
  • Moreover, depending on the extent of the damage, it will take the technician a few hours to perform the repair – the damage caused by hail can be a thing of the past in 48 hours.

Expert work!

Regardless of the extent of the damage to your vehicle, it is recommended that you do not try to perform such an operation yourself, because there is a great risk that you will aggravate the situation. And this is certainly not the desired result! By entrusting your vehicle to a paintless dent repair specialist, you will save time, money … and stress! It is guaranteed!