Having your car checked before the winter is a good idea. But still it is necessary to make sure to receive a good service. What maintenance should be done? How to prepare for your visit?

Is the maintenance before winter essential?

The notion of “tuning” is a little outdated. It’s not like a few decades ago, when you had to make many mechanical adjustments to cars. Today, important components, such as the ignition system, consist of electronic parts sealed for life. Even spark plugs do not have to be changed before the car has rolled from 30,000 to 160,000 kilometers (depending on the type of vehicle). Routine checks and maintenance are still essential, but this should be done at the intervals suggested in the car’s service manual. This indicates the revisions to be made depending on the model, mileage and age of the vehicle. You can All Car Manuals download free car workshop manuals.

What is advisable to check during the autumn?

Normally, such maintenance will include filter replacement (every two years for the pollen filter), replacement of lubricants such as motor oil (every six months), and checking of coolant, brake and fluid levels. These revisions can be done at any time of the year. If we usually do them in the fall, it’s mainly because it’s more practical. Nobody wants to leave his car in the garage in December, during the holidays, nor in January when the budget is over! In the fall, we kill two birds with one stone: winter tires and wipers are also installed.

Is it more advantageous to turn to a dealer, a supermarket or an independent mechanic?

Many people do business with big box stores because their premises are easily accessible and because they offer the best opening hours, including Saturdays and evenings on weekdays. But prices can be as high as those of dealers and the skill, sometimes less. Dealers are competent but also relatively expensive. They sometimes offer superfluous services. A good independent workshop is the best value for money. But still it is necessary to find the good one, because one can fall on the best as on the worst .

How do you plan a visit to have your car checked?

First, note as you go through the glitches you are experiencing so you do not forget to mention them once at the garage. If the car makes a strange noise, chances are you’re thinking about it, but if a dashboard trim has fallen and it’s been lying in the trunk for weeks, you may be forgetting it. Bring also the parts which the mechanic will need. For example, some have different bolts for their winter tires and summer tires. Others have a block heater for which it is necessary to install an electric cable before the winter. Finally, consult the vehicle manual: it is essential to specify your needs. You can present the manual to the mechanic to guide him in the revisions to be made.