Trailer repair

Trailer repair

For the maintenance and repair of your quality trailer

To make sure you get a quality trailer hitch repair, call our experts!

To repair your trailer according to well-established quality standards, we have a team of specialized and trained technicians. We also have a lot of spare parts on-site and can therefore

s your trailer suspension not what it used to be? The turn signals have stopped working? Do you find the sway strange? For trailer maintenance or adjustments, we have the expertise to help you efficiently.
We are specialized in trailer repair. Our technicians have developed an expertise that allows them to quickly find the problem there is, and therefore to be able to make an efficient and quality repair on your trailer. Repair, we know all about it!

Whether it concerns bearings, a lining kit, an axle, or simply the braking system, hoffimeier will be able to meet your trailer repair needs.

Whether it is a boat door, a platform or autility, hoffmeier responds to any request for overhaul or home repair.

And besides not only at home if your trailer is stored in a parking space, in a port or elsewhere we will know how to adapt to the environment in which it is located.

Contact us quickly by email or phone. We will be able to put you in touch with our repair department in order to arrange an appointment on-site to establish a free estimate at the best price.

What we do as repairs:

Electric and hydraulic brakes for your trailer

Complete electrical trailer systems (wiring, heating, and ventilation systems)

Drum or disc brakes

Hydraulic and mechanical boom systems, etc.

Replacement of interior floors

Steel welding


Torsion, blade, or air suspension

Change, addition, and repair of suspensions

Addition of additional axles

Repair following an accident (insurance)

Replacement of coupling plates

Air systems

Lights repair

Maintaining your trailer is also important!

Before a trailer repair, there is maintenance. As with everything, a well-maintained trailer will last much longer than a trailer that has been used for years without doing any maintenance.

The interview consists in part of:

Check the bearings

Testing the braking

Check the axles

Examine the hitch

Test electricity

Check the tires