How to repair windshield

The windshield of a car is one of the most important protection elements, so it needs to be replaced if it has any crack or damage however small it may be. It takes two people to remove the old windshield and install a new glass, working from inside and outside the car. It is necessary to hold the windshield frame with a good flexible rubber gasket, so the gasket must be changed if it is dry, cracked or damaged. Follow these help tips for Auto Repair And Replacements.

Disconnect the cleaners, the rearview mirror and any other object near the glass of the windshield. Remove the screws or hooks in the cleaners and unscrew the mirror. It covers the heating vents to protect them from fragments of glass.

Check the packing that seals the glass to the frame. It must be changed if it is cracked or hardened. Take it out by putting a knife inside the oilcloth (do not hit the glass) and sliding the knife along the entire edge. If the packing is OK, put a wooden stick along the outer edge to break the seal between the rubber and the frame, so that you can save it.

Remove the glass by pushing it from inside the car. Push gently (do not kick) with your feet and with the stick along the top of the glass. Have a second person outside grab the glass.

Remove the packing (if it can be reused) from the old glass and place it on the new windshield, making sure that the thickest and heaviest edge goes along the inside of the glass. If the packaging is new, remove the seal and let it warm up for a while under the sun before installing it.

Cleans rust and grime from the window frame and board. Cover the windshield gasket with petroleum jelly and insert a nylon cord along the entire package. Use enough cord and center it so that both edges of the cord protrude at least 2 feet (60 cm.) From the bottom center of the package.

Place the new glass in the windshield frame from outside the car, but place the loose edges of the cord inside the car. Take one of the edges of the cord from the inside and gently pull it out of the package to put your inner lip in place. Have your assistant push the rubber to keep it in place.

Cleans all trace of Vaseline that has been left out of the frame. Reinstall the rearview mirror and windshield wipers.