Maddox Detail launches the ceramic range products for car detailing

car detailing

Cleaning and care products brand Maddox Detail recently launched a range of ceramic products for automobiles. The future of car detailing is ceramic and a new car detailing technique for imperfections on the bodywork and Maddox Detail is building their innovation to provide some of the best professional product ranges.

Ceramic treatment in car paints is quickly garnering traction and popularity especially, in North America. Specialists in vehicle aesthetics guarantee that it can offer a high-quality finish and can even be used to completely renew the finishes on the bodywork. Like all detailing products, it can offer protection for the car’s exterior paint job and also on other surfaces by guaranteeing long durability. Maddox Detail’s products are made from components such as quartz, titanium, and silica dioxide, which provide a protective layer and exceptional shine with a durability of 2 to 8 years, depending on the conditions the car will be subjected to. The treatment is applied just after polishing since the surface must first be prepared so that it can absorb the product easily. It’s also a good idea to apply a sealant beforehand for a higher level of protection. When applied, it makes the car look as if it’s come back to life, without the need for a big investment.

Maddox Detail’s Ceramic range is the first of its kind that specializes in the ceramic treatment of vehicles sold in Spain, so there’s no need to make an international purchase in order to enjoy one of the best, highest quality products around. Their professional range offers many other benefits, such as smooth surface, beading effect, and resistance to high temperatures. The brand currently deals in two products in their ceramic car detailing range, Ceramic Protection, and Hydro-Ceramic, both with high-quality and environmentally-friendly formulas.

Ceramic protection or nano-molecular sealant is a ceramic sealant that also includes polishing elements and premium hydrophobic protection. Its formula includes inorganic additives that can adhere to the surface at the nano-molecular level, which allows the final result to be shinier and more durable. Likewise, the shine is complemented by self-shining waxes. The brand recommends reapplying the product only when the water repellency effect has decreased. Hydro-ceramic, on the other hand, is applied to a wet surface and its results are a shiny, silky finish that highlights the original colour. It lasts up to three months but can be reapplied when you notice that the water repellence effect has decreased. It uses hydrophobic polymers, elements that create a sealed surface when in contact with water molecules. This allows for high adherence and guarantees maximum protection against external agents. It’s recommended for users who use their car constantly and want to give it extra protection against rain, sun, bird droppings, acid rain, mud, and snow.

Both products are currently in high demand thanks to their excellent results. And their price makes them a hard offer to ignore: for just under €20, these Maddox Detail ceramic treatments are truly a steal. The scope of car detailing is evolving with each passing day with new technologies and formulas paving the way for innovation and implementation of practical convenience. Maintaining a car through an easy application process under basic guidelines is not made easy with Maddox Detail’s products. Their products are effective and affordable and provide long-term protection for your car. Make the right product choices and investment to give your car the best aesthetic look and chemical protection.

Maddox Detail is the expert brand in cleaning and care products for the retail sector. Our products are the result of years of experimentation with exclusive high-quality formulas, specific to each surface, material, and finish of the car and motorcycle. They work to build a valued and shared brand, recognized for the quality of its components, the innovation of its new products, and the proximity with our clients in the Spanish and European markets. The brand continues to expand our product line focused on every aspect of automotive interior, exterior, and engine care, as well as motorcycles. The work to offer an authentic experience to motor enthusiasts. At Maddox Detail, they share with their clients the passion for car and motorcycle care and detailing.