How often should you change car tires?

change car tires

Being not a tire expert, it is difficult to know when your car tire is no longer safe to drive, and you need to replace it. Still, it is necessary to learn how to read your tires? We have some general information about tires that tires can last anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 miles. 

You have to be aware of an estimated time frame, warning signs, and the essential tools required for tire changing like a good impact wrench if you want to change your car tires on your own. It is recommended to replace all four tires and spares at once, and stick with the same model and brand for all tires.


There are two main factors for replacing the car tires:


  1. Tire Age 
  2. Tire Wear


Tire Age: 

When tire components, including the tire rubber, begin changing over time, it represents tire ageing. Storage conditions, environmental impacts, and the amount of tire usage are the factors that contribute to tire ageing.


Tire Wear:

Tire wear is the best indication of any issues with the tire pressure or alignment. Tires eventually experience wear, but a tire should wear evenly covering the whole tire. Tire wear doesn’t depend upon good driving, and this process gets accelerated in case of not taking proper care of your car tires.


Why is it necessary to replace the tire?

Tires are the most important part of your vehicle’s safety, and on-time replacement of tires is not all about avoiding expensive mistakes and taking good care of your car. It is also about the variety of issues you may face with old or worn tires, such as:


  • Difficulty to break or stop
  • Worn-down tread cause compromised road grip
  • Blowouts that can even cause you to crash


When you find the tread depth of tires is too low, or your tires are older than 6 years, it is the time to change old rubber.

Importance of the right tools to change car tires:

Changing tires is a tough job to do by hand. You need to keep tired of changing equipment and a range of tools in your car to repair or replace your vehicle tires. When you need to perform tire changing task on your own, the most important tool you may need is an impact wrench. 

It is a tool that is used to tighten or loosen the nuts and bolts, these are more commonly used for car reparation, and it is more powerful and heavier. Impact wrenches come in three types:


  • Corded Electrical Impact Wrench
  • Cordless Impact wrench
  • Pneumatic (air) impact wrench



FP Tools is the brand that provides you with machines and power tools to perform different repairs. For general car maintenance and changing tires, Fine Power provides the best impact wrenches that are invaluable tools you must have to keep.

New tires can be pricy, but never compromise your safety and put off replacing your tires. New tires give you a comfort table ride and also improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.