Graduating High School this Summer and Not Interested in College?

It’s ok. You’re not alone. Many others don’t want to spend the time and money to get a 4 year degree that doesn’t guarantee success in life. For some, the automotive industry beckons and shows promise.

Dent removal, or PDR Training is one fast track to a vocational career that can prepare someone for a lifelong income opportunity to financial security. PDR Training courses often last only 1-4 weeks and may include equipment including PDR Tools. Getting proper tools is key to performing Paintless Dent Repair at a high level. A proficient PDR Technician often makes over $25/hour and many exceed $100/hour. PDR Techs who take proper PDR Training classes often work 6-8 hour a day and make a substantial income with just a short period of education and cost.

And just think how many vehicles are on the road with dents and dings-millions.

Take a drive by a local car wash on a sunny day- count the cars and realize those people care about their cars and are potential clients. Swing by the local auto dealer mall and count the cars: Those as well as potential clients. People like pretty cars- pretty cars sell, and dent repair is part of the process in getting them ready for sale.

So what steps are necessary to learn dent removal?

1) Attended a private training PDR school with the best curriculum

2) Get great PDR equipment for modern day cars.

3) Practice prior to your course and have a game plan for success. Fail to plan? Plan to fail.

4) Get with a school that offers considerable support so you can count on the help you will need after PDR Training.

Once you’ve got the training, get the word out about your new found skill including social media, friends and family and then if you seek even more income, talk with auto dealers, rental agencies and car washes for high volume work.

After all, your success is based on the amount of customers served.