The garage lighting is often the most overlooked in most households. In general, we spend time and effort in planning the correct lighting of the entire house and leave the garage for the end. What ends up happening most of the time, there is a sad light bulb hanging from the ceiling.
If you don’t know the right choice about the Garage lights? You are at right place to know it. Here are a series of practical ideas to learn how to illuminate a garage efficiently and functionally.

Tips for garage lighting

To begin we must study the dimensions of our garage and think about what use we make of it. It is not the same that we use it only to keep the car and the children’s bicycles or that we use them for other activities such as DIY or for small home repairs.

In general terms, the best garage lighting is fluorescent. This type of lamps provides good visibility and use little power. Fluorescent tubes can be placed both on the ceiling and on the walls. It is necessary to place a sufficient amount of lights so that the beam of light covers the entire surface without leaving areas in the shade. We must bear in mind that these lamps take a certain time to illuminate in a garage. Maybe you prefer best led garage lighting, which consume very little and light very well.

If the garage is large, it is important to install a switch right at the entrance so you do not have to walk in the dark until you can turn it on. A good option for garage lighting is to place some motion sensors that activate an auxiliary light when we enter. In this way we will have plenty of time to activate the key to the light and wait until our garage is fully illuminated.

How to light the garage for other activities

On the other hand, if you spend time in your garage doing other activities such as DIY, you must incorporate one or several lamps that illuminate the work area well. To install garage lights you must make sure that the light bulb is directed towards you and down so that there are no shadows or glare, more or less as you would on a study table.

The temperature of the bulbs used in the work area should not be too warm but keep in mind that cold light alters the perception of colors. Finally, the power should be enough to see clearly and that the sight is not fatigued.