How to sell my used car? Tips and advice

In this guide you will find tips and advice to know “how to sell your car at a best price, in an easy and simple way”. The guide is also valid for all types of vehicles (car, truck, motorcycle, bus, truck, etc.) It is also necessary to know what procedures and requirements you need to know about selling your used vehicle. Follow these instructions recommended by Get Cash for Cars Las Vegas to sell your car easily and at best price.

What is the price of my used car?

One of the things that you should know the real price of your car. You should consult the insurance company. On official websites you can make a query about the brand of your car, model version and year of it, which will give you a certain value.

According to the value, it is advisable to add 5% or 10% more. For example, if your company quotes your vehicle for $ 200,000, the sale value would be $ 220,000 (10% more). So when you are with the buyer of your car you can negotiate better with a reduction in value.

Another way to know the price of your vehicle is to check on classified websites. Look for the brand, model and version plus the year of the car and you can make a calculation about the price of your car.

Check also the status of the other vehicles, if they must patent or if they have CNG equipment. You could also go to a used car agency and ask the price. Try not to lower the price of the car too much so as not to lose money, but do not raise it too much so as not to scare future buyers.

If you are going to sell your car with accessories that are not original (luggage rack, estuary, speakers etc.), add them to the value of the car and tell the buyer. Also consider what the market price of your vehicle is.

Under what conditions is my car?

Impact the buyer of your car is very important. Showing the vehicle in the best possible conditions increases the possibility of selling it at a good price. Keep your car clean both the exterior and the interior of it.

It does not hurt to put a little deodorant of environment for cars, the first impression is very important. Another tip to present the car is to thoroughly clean the inside of it with a vacuum cleaner.

Ask a mechanic to give you a full report on the condition of the engine, suspension, brakes, etc. Exterior cleaning is also important, clean the glass and side mirrors.

Pass the covers with the corresponding product. If possible, try to send the car to a plasterer so that it repairs the sheet if it has, also in cases of scratches.

Where can I sell my car?

Today the best option is to publish it on the internet, many websites offer an easy and simple way to publish your car for free. You can also offer it to an agency that will take it in concession, but this will involve a loss of money at the time of selling, since the agency will keep a percentage of the sale.

It is important to take pictures of the vehicle, this will help you sell it faster, and few people are interested in a car that does not know how it is or has not seen it at least in photographs. In publication form you can put all vehicle data such as mileage, fuel type, transmission, as well as comfort, safety, audio and video system data, and finally external accessories.

You can also use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, forums or Club about certain makes and models of cars can be very useful, just simply register and present your vehicle.

Another of the oldest methods to sell your car is word of mouth, communicate with your friends, relatives or acquaintances and tell them about your sales proposal.

Have the papers of the car updated

Another issue that you should consider when selling your car is to have the same pawns up to date. Among the most important documentation is the title of the automotive, all the vouchers of the services that have done to the car, such as oil changes, belt, the VTV label that is stuck on the windshield, and Of course the purchase contract and their respective forms like 08, 02 and the Ceta form if you bought it used. If the vehicle bought it new, have the guarantee in hand (if it is valid).