5 tips to become a truck driver

Transport sector is very dynamic, particularly since the opening of intra-European borders, which is increasingly demanding the transport of goods from one country to another. Thus, professional opportunities are not lacking for truck drivers. They make deliveries throughout United States and abroad. On the other hand, becoming a truck driver cannot be improvised. Here are 5 tips for those who want to get started.

1-Well mature your project

Before you start, you need to know the conditions and constraints of these jobs for truck drivers perfectly. No question of choosing it by default, it must primarily stem from a real desire. Indeed, the driver can have difficult and shifted schedules – he often works at night. He must then be able to resist fatigue. In addition, he can practice his profession between 60 and 70 hours a week, which can sometimes be very heavy. Finally, contrary to popular belief, the truck driver is not a simple driver … far from it! In addition to driving a truck, he must ensure that he fulfills his tasks of loading and unloading goods,

2-Pass a special permit

To become a truck driver, driving license B is not enough. You need to buy a C (vehicle over 3.5 tons) or EC (C category vehicle with a trailer over 750 kg) license. You can go to specialized organizations or simply to a driving school. The only condition is to be at least 21 years old.

3-Follow mandatory training

When you have obtained the C or EC license, and only on this condition, you must imperatively follow a minimum professional training. With a duration of 4 weeks, the FIMO will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of road legislation and road safety. The training will also give you the basics of loading and unloading goods.

4-Get help to finance the training and complete it with other training

FIMO is expensive, but it is possible to get help to finance it. Check with various organizations such as the Regional Council who can take care of it.

It is advisable to complete the FIMO with another training. There are 5 in number:

  1. Bac Professional Driver Road Goods,
  2. CAP Driver Road Goods,
  3. Professional title of delivery driver on a light utility vehicle.
  4. Professional title of driver of the Road Transport of Goods on all vehicles.
  5. Professional title of driver of the Freight Transport of Goods on Carrier.

5-Having in mind the qualities and skills required

Certain natural qualities are indispensable in the exercise of this profession, such as concentration and vigilance.

You have to have good physical resistance. You will have to do a cardiac, hearing and visual acuity exam. Having good reflexes is essential in this profession.

It is also necessary to be respectful of the rules of conduct and other drivers, as well as having the sense of relational. Remember that the slightest odd can result in the final cessation of practice of the profession.