Tips for buying a second-hand BMW

We all know that BMW offers a high range of excellent cars, but the problem is that they can be very expensive so we can contemplate the option of getting a second-hand car. When we talk about a used BMW car, we know it is a very reliable car so we should not worry about the wear of the vehicle as long as it has been properly used and maintained.

Once you have decided to get a second-hand BMW, the first thing you should do is investigate. You must investigate all aspects of the purchase of your next used BMW, from which model is the one you are interested in, price range, where to buy it, etc.


Some of the models recommended by BMW Mechanic Plano TX are:

  • BMW 1 Series: a small compact that has a lot of luxury inside and a powerful engine.
  • BMW 3 Series: It is the best selling of the BMW range and we can find it in sedan, family, coupe and convertible.
  • BMW 5 Series: unlike the two previous models this is a medium size and one of the features that differentiates this model is luxury and we can find it in 4 × 4 traction.
  • BMW 7: this is a good option if our priority is to have a large vehicle in addition to that it also offers us luxury.
  • BMW X3: This is a very spacious SUV to transport what we want.
  • BMW X5: This is the most expensive of the range and it is an off-road that besides the expense of buying it also needs to be maintained.


Depreciation of a BMW

A BMW like all vehicles of high ranges, are greatly affected by depreciation. We can use depreciation on our behalf. It is important to remember that each year the depreciation of a BMW will increase, so if we decide to buy an old one it will be significantly cheaper. But it is also very important to mention this if your intention is at some point to resell the BMW because if that is what you are looking for we recommend you to look for another car since you will get a very different amount from the one you have paid.

BMW maintenance

Another key element to take into account when thinking about all the expenses of acquiring a second-hand BMW is the maintenance of the car. The maintenance of a BMW can be very expensive depending on the problems that may arise, that is why we must be very careful in checking the car before buying it. In addition to that the maintenance will also be expensive since these cars need oil, gasoline and tires of the best quality.


Potential problems of a second-hand BMW

We know that within the different models there may be some problems that are more susceptible to breakdowns than other models. Check what can be a common problem of the model in which you are interested so you do not have to pay to fix it. Here are some parts that we recommend you tp check when you try to buy your used BMW:

  • Electrical system, have very complex electrical systems so if you have a fault it will be very difficult to solve or expensive.
  • Engine problems: Some common problems that we can see in the engines of a BMW are paralysations, difficulties during engine inactivity and difficult journeys.
  • Strange noises: This is probably one of the most important indicators when we are testing a car.