When and how to repair your windshield?

The presence of a windshield for a vehicle is obviously essential. This glazing is the most important because it protects the driver and passengers, while ensuring a perfectly clear view of the road. Nevertheless, the windshield is, in a way, in the first line to receive projectiles. The impacts are therefore rather frequent, which causes cracks, scratches, and breaks. To maintain an optimum level of safety, the windshield must be quickly repaired.



A simple grit projected against a windshield has consequences on the safety of the device, including at moderate speeds. An impact can lead to a crack start, likely to extend under the effect of climatic hazards, and even small shaking of the road.
It is therefore imperative to go Windshield Repair expert, especially since the cost of a repair is 20% lower than that of its replacement. Note, however, that insurance tends to remove the cost of the franchise in order to prompt drivers to make repairs immediately.
All scratches should not encourage repairs. If they are superficial, simply monitor their evolution over the weeks, and intervene when the situation worsens and deteriorates.
To know: the driver, who will regularly repair his windshield for little, may see his insurance premiums increase.


The main finding is to see if the replacement of the windshield is justified by a lack of visibility due to an impact. It is advisable to do this when the impact measures the size of a 2 Euro coin, or if it is located in the driver’s field of vision. Similarly, an intervention is required when three impacts of more than one centimeter accumulate on the windshield.
If you are not concerned by one of these three cases, the operation is not imperative, even if it is necessary to systematically ensure the evolution of each impact.
Repairing a hole or crack involves inserting a specific resin. Colorless, the latter aims to reduce the crack, and, at the same time, to guarantee the windshield its original rigidity, and its initial optical qualities.
Good to know: this intervention can be perfectly conducted by the individual himself, since it is enough to buy a windshield kit, marketed in all specialized stores.


You notice that your windshield needs to be repaired, but you do not have availability at the moment to perform this operation? Be careful and attach a protective pad directly to the impact to minimize impact.
Adjust your driving by slowing down when crossing a speed bump, and bypassing potholes if possible. Finally, consider reducing the cold, hot effect when operating air conditioning or heating.

Good to know: Do not hesitate to go to an expert auto center that will repair for a period of 30 to 40 minutes. If you don’t know about windshield repair, it is very easy and risk free step to go to professional auto glass expert.