Tips to sell a used car at best price

If you have decided to sell my car, follow these simple tips that will help you to make this sale not too long. The first thing we have to be clear about is the reason for the sale, since depending on whether it is sold for extra money or for changing the model, we will not be in the same hurry and that may influence the price.

First: We will have to adjust its price without letting ourselves be carried away by the sentimental value we may have on our car and bearing in mind that the real value of a car drops to half its price when it is only two years old. Do not forget either that before putting your ad, we have to take a look at the figures that other users ask for cars similar to ours to be able to put a competitive price.

Second: It is very important to choose well where we are going to advertise our car since we need this ad to reach as many users as possible. Internet is the means par excellence to reach all potential buyers. Although it is also advisable to do so in some specialized magazines or even newspapers.

Third: We must always be as honest as possible in our ads, trying to make clear all the features of our car, but also the defects. The state of the body and interior are the main attraction at first glance, so they will be key when it comes to capturing the customer. But mechanics is one of the most important points for sale. For this reason it is advisable to have all the service sheets that we have made to our car, something that can be vital for a buyer to decide or not for the car. If there is something that fails or does not work in the car, it is best to say it, always giving priority to the strengths that enhance the sale and without the client may feel cheated at some point.

Fourth: The buyer who can test the car is always more convinced by what we recommend to offer him the possibility of trying the car accompanied by us and take a little walk with him. Through this way you will have more confidence. We should never deny the client this option.

Finally, we recommend to future salesmen that before putting the car on sale, check that all the documentation is in order, with paid taxes, insurance, vehicle registration renewal etc. Afterwards and if an agreement is reached, it will be essential to make a contract specifying all the points of purchase and sale process and we will deliver the car until it is in the name of the new owner.