How Long Can I Drive with a Windshield Crack 

It might sound funny but a lot of people ask the question “How Long Can I Drive with a Windshield Crack?”

As funny as the question maybe, a safety inspector and a window technician this is a safety hazard. The safest and most obvious answer to the question is never to drive with a damaged windshield. A car windshield takes wind pressure, heat, cold, snow, rain and debris all day long. It is important to realize that the windshield provides important aerodynamic support to the entire car frame.

How Long Can I Drive with a Windshield Crack in an Emergency

There can be an emergency and you may need to use the car even with the damaged windshield. Do consider the following factors when driving with windshield damage:

  • The crack is not in direct line of sight of the driver’s seat
  • The chip or crack has not already start to spread
  • The weather clear and will not affect the windscreen while you are on the road
  • Parking the vehicle in a garage or safe space

Always consider calling up a professional service for windscreen repairs. A technician will quickly evaluate damage and will also be able to provide you repair quotes from several vendors. You should also consider going through your insurance coverage when driving with a broken windshield too.

Obey the Law

Don’t be a wild child, obey the law and get your windshield replaced instead of driving with a damaged windscreen. There may even be an active compliance law for safety in your area, always check before considering how long can I drive with a windshield crack.

At the least you will get a simple ticket for a compromised windshield with a small fine. Consider you can put the same money towards repairing the windshield in the first place. A minor repair costs almost the same price as a ticket, and takes no more than an hour to be done.

Worried About Being without a Car

A popular reason why people tend to drive with a damaged windshield is because they simply can’t afford to be without their car. At Glass Genie we ensure your convenience by providing you unparalleled service where you want it.

Boko an appointment with the customer service team either online or over the phone. We will send out our mobile unit to your suggested place and inspect the damage and if you request complete repairs. You will never be without the car and the repairs will be completed at the spot.

Is the Cost Worrying You

If you are driving with a damaged windshield worried by replacement and repair costs, you should consider getting quotes from windows repair services. We at Glass Genie offer our mobile inspection & repair unit that visits you at home or work.

Our mobile unit does a first inspection and provides you with a quote for repairs. In most cases a simple repair does the job instead of doing a complete replacement. Most repairs are completed within3 hours depending on the damage.