Dispose of the car

Dispose of the car

As a rule, you will not have to pay anything to dispose of your vehicle. Professional disposal companies will give you for your disused car and U. even money. Since scrap prices fluctuate, this sum will vary. On average, you will receive a purchase premium of 150 to 200 euros, which roughly corresponds to the raw material value of your vehicle. In addition, many certified scrap dealers will pick up your car for free.

De-registration of the vehicle before Auto entsorgen

Whether sale or scrapping: If the vehicle is still registered, it must also be clarified who will take over the de-registration. In the case of a sale, the re-registration may be taken over by the buyer. However, it is advisable to include this point in the sales contract, i.e. the buyer undertakes to register the car within the agreed period.

Most recycling companies proceed in a similar way. They assure their customers that they will be deregistered in a timely manner. Nevertheless, one should not speculate about this. It makes sense to have this confirmed in writing.

Checklist for disposing of a car

First, find out how high the purchase premium for various waste disposal companies is.

What services do the various scrap dealers offer? (Towing, vehicle deregistration)

Check if the dealers are certified.

Select a service provider and agree on a price for your old car. If the car has valuable, recently installed parts, it gives you a good basis for price negotiation.

Agree with the dealer of your choice on a place and time at which the vehicle will be picked up.

If you do not want to leave the de-registration of your car to the disposal company, go to the road traffic authority with the following documents in order to de-register your vehicle:


Vehicle registration

Vehicle registration document

Registration certificate part I and II

Identity card

You don’t have to worry about car insurance. Your insurer will be automatically informed of the cancellation.

Check whether there are any items in the vehicle that you want to keep. When searching for forgotten things, the following corners are often forgotten:

The glove box

The CD and cassette player

Behind the sun visor

Under the seats

In the door shelves

In the slots and pockets of the car seats

In the side pockets, nets and boxes in the trunk

Hand the vehicle over to the scrap dealer and insist that they issue you with a certificate of destruction before transporting it. Please keep this document in a safe place.

Cars disposed of illegally – these are the consequences

The so-called end-of-life vehicle regulation has been in force in Germany since 1998, according to which scrap cars must be properly disposed of at a recognized recycling company. Vehicles that are simply parked somewhere in public places will be removed by the public order office. The last registered owner of the vehicle is determined using the chassis number. A fine of up to several thousand euros will be imposed on him – depending on the case. In addition to the towing and disposal costs, additional payments due to environmental pollution may be added.

When you dispose of your old car, it may mean that you want to buy or have bought a new one. In this case, you have the option of taking car disposal. This is your chance to save a lot of money. Use our offer calculator to find out how cheap your tariff is with us.