Common Auto Paint Protection New Zealand

Common Auto Paint Protection New Zealand

Protecting your car’s paint keeps it shiny and fresh. Auto paint protection improves your vehicle’s look, durability, and damage resistance. If you want long-lasting paint protection, use a reputable vehicle detailer.

What is auto paint protection?

Paint protection is an extra service you may have on a brand new automobile. To the best of your knowledge, your vehicle will remain unchanged. The shield provides an extra layer of protection for the freshly painted body of your car before you drive it home. Its purpose is to safeguard your car from rocks, twigs, and bird poop.


Paint protection comes in many forms. To keep your automobile’s appearance fresh, protect its paint. Car paint protection might be tough to choose. Having knowledge of the different forms of paint protection can help you choose the right one.


Here are some of the standard auto paint protection products you may use in New Zealand to keep your vehicle paint protected for a longer time:

1.      Wax:

Wax is a popular paint protector that shines and cleans your automobile. Wax layers are quickly removed with cleaners, and their life depends on weather and vehicle washing frequency. It lasts 2-4 months. Scratches, cracks, scuff marks, and chemicals may harm a waxed car.

2.      Ceramic coatings:

Ceramic coat protection is a chemical polymer solution sprayed on a car’s exterior to prevent paint damage. It’s hand-applied and combines with your car’s paint to provide hydrophobic protection.


Chemical bonding and new layer formation do not influence automotive paint. Car ceramic coating NZ is an alternative for waxing, not clear bras. The purpose is to prevent dirt, grime, and stains from damaging the clear coat.

3.      Sealant:

Sealants retain and increase the sheen of car paint. Automotive sealers protect automotive paint from contaminants and UV radiation. It sticks to painted surfaces and lasts 3-6 months. Sealants are cheap, give semi-annual protection, and look great. How often a vehicle is washed, the chemicals employed, and other factors affect a sealant’s effectiveness.

4.      Paint Protection Films:

Paint Protection Film NZ protects your automobile against rock chips and collisions. These films have advanced with technology and don’t yellow or crack anymore. The horrible yellowing and cracking of these films was formerly an inevitable consequence of time. The fading and hardening of the glue caused that. Appearance-wise, they’re invisible and self-healing—the heat from hot water, the sun, or a heat gun.

Transparent film is excellent for high-impact areas like the bumper, hood, and mirrors. Apply a paint protection film to your new car. When it’s damaged, it might be replaced instead of repainting. Film preservation may prolong its life.