5 tips for FINALLY getting your license

You are going to pass for the 4th time in front of the inspector and admit it; you are not far from believing your desperate case. Well no! Succeeding your license, even after several failures, it is possible. We relax and learn to avoid traps.

It must be said that each examination ended in the most disappointing way possible, by a perplexed inspector who refused you your passport to independence. And despite your efforts to learn from your failures, your next visit to the Examiner will paralyze you in advance. Yet many of us have endured your suffering, and we have finally passed the obstacle: why not you? With these few tips, you can easily pass DMV driving test.


After several failures, it is easy to consider the license as a kind of unachievable Grail, and the inspector as the ultimate boss of your existence. The problem is that your stress meter will skyrocket at the time of the exam. So, even if it seems difficult, try to consider your exam as a simple evaluation. You do not play your life, it’s just about determining your driving ability . And the inspector is not a monster: he’s a former driving instructor who has changed jobs. You cannot calm your anxieties? Try homeopathy. It will help you relax without affecting your attention. Unlike sedatives, to proscribe!

Master the rules of the code

Even if you have passed your code of the road with brio, a small review of the rules does no harm to anyone! And this beautiful mastery will save you absolute shame after grilling a priority right yet obvious. Between each driving course, take out your manual and consolidate your knowledge. Even after the license, it can be used .

Show your confidence in yourself

If speeding is of course unacceptable during the exam, driving too slowly and cautiously shows a lack of confidence in you. The inspector can estimate the reason enough to refuse you pink paper. Then we blow a good shot, we press slightly more on the accelerator, and we smile at the inspector (but not too much anyway).

Avoid pitfalls due to inattention

Control your mirrors, take care of your blind spot, anticipate the changes of fire, in short, be what you do, look a little further than the tip of your nose, and adjust your pace. Smart and far-sighted driving has all it takes to convince the inspector to give your license!

Learn once and for all to take a roundabout

The misuse of the roundabout by the candidates is regularly advanced for the refusal of the permit. It is not so complicated! Just train a little. Did you miss your exit? Stay calm and take an extra turn, being careful of other drivers.