Dent Removal Techniques without Painting


Dents are often repaired using a drill, a Dent extractor, grinder and other tools. If the dent has not caused the paint to be damaged, it can be repaired using paintless dent repair techniques. If you don’t know even little about dent removing, you should join Paintless dent repair training.  Paintless Dent Repair DFW can usually be done with tools that are found around the house and does not require experience to do it correctly.



The use of a plunger can work to repair some dents. Wet the dent with a little water to help create a suction between the dent and the plunger. Add a small amount of soap; Dish washing liquid works well. This also helps create additional suction. Put the plunger against the dent and push inwards. Be careful not to push too hard, as it could increase the dent. Once you have suction between the plunger and the dent, pull back quickly and forcefully. The plunger will pull the dent. It can be repeated several times as necessary if the dent is not the desired one.

Hammer and Dolly

A hammer and a car can eliminate the dent if it can be reached from both sides, as in the fender. If you do not have access to a metal platform, or do not want to buy one, a smooth block of wood can work just as well. Get to the back of the dent. You may have to remove a liner to gain access. Place the wooden block on the back of the dent and hammer gently. Do not hit the hammer directly on the dent, as it could cause small dents that will show on the opposite side. Continue to tap gently until the dent is soft on the outside.

Dry ice

Dry ice can be found at some grocery stores or can be purchased online as well. It is usually inexpensive at $ 2 per pound. Wearing gloves to protect your hands, gently touch the dry ice on the dent for a few seconds. Move to another part of the dent for a few seconds each time until the dent is gone. The temperature difference in the ice and the dent will cause the pressure to build up and pop the dent.

The dent shooter

Many auto shops now sell piston-type tools specifically designed to pull a dent in a car. While they work similarly to a piston, always check and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent further damage to your car.

You can join Paintless Dent Removal Training for better understanding the use of these tools and remove these dents efficiently.