Ways to customize your Tesla Emblem

customize your Tesla Emblem


Tesla cars use very little fuel compared to the quantity of power they consume. Because of this, they save more energy than a standard gasoline-powered car. They are also easier to control and more agile. Their primary benefit, though, is that they can drain more “electric charge” from the batteries of other cars. As Tesla’s popularity rises, more individuals are seeking methods to personalize their Tesla cars to make them stand out from the crowd.


Tesla was the first firm to provide attractive, mass-produced electric cars, and because of its superb appearance, many people want to make their Tesla even more attractive. You may accomplish this in several ways, one of which is to replace the silver Tesla emblem on your car with a different one.


Many Tesla owners are content with only the silver plastic Tesla emblem, while others go to great lengths to personalize their vehicles. Here are three options you have for customizing the hue of your Tesla emblem:

1.      Plasti-dip:

This spray-on solution is removable and a terrific DIY alternative for people who want the work done well. It comes in different colors and protects your brand by putting a layer of rubber between it and the surroundings.

2.      Paint:

Alternatively, you may paint your logo. Change your Tesla logo using spray paint. Spray paint is inexpensive and simple to apply but has drawbacks. First, if the paint goes on an unintended portion of the body, remove it before it dries, or you’ll have to remove it without harming the automobile. Changing colors is tougher than plasti-dipping.

3.      Change Tesla’s Emblem:

The most apparent solution is taking out the plastic logo and replacing it with another material. People may choose from aluminum, chrome, or carbon fiber. You may remove it totally for a sleeker design. If your logo breaks, a Tesla dealer can replace it.