The average success rate of the driving test is only 65%. And this rate is decreasing in large urban centers like Montreal. Getting your first exam right away is not necessarily easy. To help you in getting your driver’s license at the first attempt, Canada g1 practice test is recommending few tips to help you. 

Invest in your driving course

The driving course represents the best preparation for the various driving exams and especially the practical exam. Invest fully in your classes, complete your reading and participate in class. Choose the best driving school in your area, ensuring the quality of education and services offered.

Master your fingertips with the Highway Code

Not surprisingly, mastering the road safety code is essential in order to pass your practical exam. Recognize the signs and indications, respect the priorities and do not ignore them! Before your practical exam, do not hesitate to re-read your manual provided by the driving school.

You practice

In addition to accumulating hours of practice with your parents, it is important to practice in different contexts. In addition to being comfortable with a vehicle, practicing in different contexts, such as dense city, highways, and residential neighborhoods or near schools will allow you to properly manage these situations during the exam. Because the exam is specifically designed to test you in several contexts.

Have a flawless vehicle


Make sure you have an impeccable vehicle. Evaluator will carry out some checks with you on your car before starting the road test. More specifically, make sure that the windshield and mirrors are in good condition that the turn signals and the lights are working well, that your tires are sufficiently inflated, that your brakes work well by including the emergency brake and having good visibility in all angles. Also make sure you have enough gas to complete the exam.

Check with your driving school to rent a car if you have any doubts about the condition of your car.

Stay calm and focused

One of the biggest challenges you will have is staying calm and focused on the road. To reduce stress, take the time to pause for a few seconds before starting the car. Beforehand, you can also view the various stages of the exam, remember the instructions of your trainer in driving school and find out about the possible route.

Eliminate all distractions such as radio, GPS or your mobile phone. Regarding the latter, close it before starting the exam. In addition to being a distraction, if you take it during the exam, it is an immediate failure.

With these tips and a good participation in the driving course, you have the best chance of passing your practical exam and getting your probationary license!