Established in 1998, Hardrace has been in the automobile industry and has risen to become a trusted dealer by many drivers. They take pride in being experts in manufacturing, designing, and marketing parts used by sports cars.

Their parts also have impeccable quality and are very reliable, especially for professional drivers or car racers. The professional drivers actually take the car out to the track and test out the parts that have been developed by Hardrace.

That is not all; the car is driven under harsh conditions to test its durability and performance under pressure. Further, it is their goal to ensure any car they service achieves 100% accuracy when taking a corner and to make sure the driver is safe from any harm or accident.


Technology and Hardrace

Did you know that they use 3D technology to reinforce and enhance the vehicle’s chassis without interfering with the initial chassis design? The technology is from the very best providers, and to them, the client always comes first.

Additionally, their customer service desk is always available to address any questions you may have. The desk is very engaging and very helpful, especially for first-time clients. You can be in communication with them through their website.

The customer care team will also tackle any technical problem or handle any order you may want to place.


Here are some products you can order

Front lower arm bushing. – The bushings are made in Taiwan and are made of high-quality durometer. The durometer makes them stronger and much more durable than bushings from anywhere else. They come in different sizes and are very affordable.

Adj. Stabilizer link (€92,14) is a tool used to connect the suspension on opposite sides of the vehicle to lower the body leaning. It increases your vehicle’s stability and overall performance.

Front sway bar (€287,73)- it has two small ball joints at both ends and has a similar function as the stabilizer link. To prevent the car’s body from slanting excessively when driving in shifts.

Rear upper arm bushing (€59, 92) – the bushings are made from metal but coated in rubber. The coating ensures the control arms are kept from extreme contact with the vehicle’s metal frame.

Rear lower control arm. They are imperative when supporting any movement occasioned by the axles. It is a great tool for not only sports enthusiasts or drivers but also any driver.

Adjustable camber bolts (14mm). Commonly referred to as crash bolts, camber bolts help align vehicles that were bent when an accident happened. They are found in almost all repair shops, but you can get an authentic one for just €28.99 at Hardrace Europe.



The above-mentioned items are just a drop in the bucket; the online retailer has many more tools and accessories on display. Hardrace is undoubtedly the leading online retailer of alignment parts, steering, and chassis.