All You Need To Know About The SRS Airbag Module In Your Vehicle

SRS Airbag Module In Your Vehicle

The airbag control module is a small unit located in all vehicles that serves a very crucial role in the overall function and safety of a vehicle. Nevertheless, most people do not even know what this unit is or what it actually does. Below I will give a summary on important aspects of this unit. I will describe what the role of the module is, where it is located, whether or not you can drive without a module, and what to do if your module has been damaged in your vehicle.

First and foremost, it would be useful to know what the unit actually does. Basically, the SRS airbag control module is where the entire airbag system runs through, including the seat belts pre-tensioners, the impact sensors, and the actual airbags themselves. When a vehicle is involved in a crash or faces sudden deceleration in speed, the module will store a report of the event in the form of hard codes and crash data. With the stored hard codes and crash data, the airbags are unable to work. Unfortunately, when this occurs, nothing but an SRS airbag module reset or purchasing a brand new module will help.

I have them repair the air bag module, after an accident, and they did what the advertisement said, have it on its way back to me on less than 24 hours ready to install and no crash codes showing on the dash.

Posted by Nachito Rocas on Sunday, June 2, 2019


The location of the SRS airbag module varies from car to car. Usually, it can be found underneath the driver or passenger side seat. Sometimes, though, the module can be found beneath the kick panel, below the radio, in the center console, or behind the steering wheel.


While driving without a module in a vehicle is possible, it is certainly not recommended. As already mentioned, this unit works hand in hand with the airbag system, and without it in place, the airbags cannot function properly. Driving without your airbags working and possibly getting into a car accident can lead to very serious injury or possibly even death!


Now, if your car has already been involved in an accident and you now know that it has stored crash data and hard codes present, you may now wonder how to get rid of it. As briefly mentioned, nothing but complete replacement or an SRS airbag module reset will bring your vehicle to the way it should operate. As you can imagine, getting the unit replaced can be quite expensive. Many people instead choose to get a crash data reset, which can bring the unit back to factory settings—the same which would be in a brand new module.


A great company you can turn to for an airbag module reset is Safety Restore. Safety Restore uses 100% OEM parts to reset all units sent it. The company makes sure to wipe out all the crash data and hard codes present so that the unit, as well as the airbag system working alongside it, can work as it did when the vehicle was first purchased.